Theory Zoro's death and rebirth

Zoro will get his black blade after defeating the lord of underworld, lead the samurai and kill Kaido. He won't even be down after this arc.

Right now his bones are fully healed, he is only feeling some insane pain. Yes, "only", we are talking about the toughest character in the entire series after all.
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this theory is way more likely now since Luffy died and is being revived. You know how Oda loves to parallel zoro and Luffy.

Luffy= Sun god
Zoro= sword god

both having died and then being reborn.
This has been foreshadowed greatly.

1st look back at the first testing moment for Zoro with nothing happened, as he was incapacitated Luffy said we can fix him with Booze.

2nd at Fishman Island we learn why our 2 heroes don't want to be heroes, 1 won't share meat, the other won't share sake

3rd when Snitch met a sick whitebeard he said I brought medicinal water (sake) from my home town (west blue) Wano is in the west blue

4th remember, luffy 1 hero ate an entire store of meat to re-energize,
Zoro the other will drink the rest of the sake gourd kaido left up top, the same sake that increased kaidos haki in 1037