Speculations Zoro's main opponent of Wano?

Zoro's main opponent of Wano?

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There's been a lot of speculation regarding Marimo's main opponent of Wano so I'm curious to see what everyone thinks.

I personally still think it will be a 1v1 against King bc there is no reason for Marco vs King to take place other than the fact they have similar DFs. Plus we have seen Marco tangle with Admirals and most people already believe he is stronger than King so there is no tension from the fight.

So let me know what you think. Who do you think Zoro's main opponent of the arc will be?
There is a lack of capable combatants to take on Kaido so Zoro has to do it.
However, on his way to Kaido he may singlehandedly decimate Beast Pirates.
He is already halfway through the Elite Gifters who aimed to be Pirate King.
Wont take too long until he takes on higher-ups. Kaido is probably last.
The problem is only yonko could be stopped Zoro and i don't say king is weak but he doesn't have any possibility to defeat zoro and zoro and luffy team is too much for Kaido (he isn't Mihawk and Akainu)