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Who is the best tactician ?

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For a long time in the One Piece fandom, many assumed that Zoro is nothing more than a meathead brute who only knows to fight head on. Most of them try to enforce this assumption by comparing him with Sanji who they consider to be a smart tactician.

Well actually Zoro has repeatedly shown a certain tactical sense which initially allowed him to adapt to very diverse situations but also to achieve his objectives :
  1. Zoro vs Ryuma
    - a balanced fight until Zoro took the upper hand by exploiting the advantage of the ground around him (the falling roof cut by Ryuma)
    ➡️ a decisive tactical move

  2. Zoro vs Pica
    - he comes up with 4 tactics to cut down Pica before picking the best one : Tactics n°5 (which is none other than the title of chapter 778).
    - with this tactic, he managed to beat Pica while having anticipated the fall of the debris of the golem which were then repelled by Elizabello's "King Punch"
    ➡️ a decisive tactical planning

  3. Zoro vs Gifters
    - not a real fight but after Luffy got knocked out by Apoo, Zoro decided to retreat and avoid fighting as much as possible in order to minimize the damage taken and keep their chances of fighting Kaido.
    ➡️ a tactical retreat

More than having demonstrated various tactical feats, it seems that whenever he makes a tactical move during a fight he wins instantly. In 1008 chapter, he was once again trying to come up with the best solution to win against the Yonkos before agreeing to Law's suggestion ... maybe another tactical feat incoming :finally:

There's being a good fighter and a good tactician. Luffy's obviously a great fighter, so is Zoro but he's also a tactician. I see it as the difference between Luffy rampaging with a random power up vs Zoro commanding the others against Oars. He has a fighting based end goal but something of a handicap in a world full of powers, so he doesn't do shit like take a hit from an emperor unnecessarily, and he won't get slept one on one by someone he can beat. He's constantly working to overcome gimmicks (yes he has three swords, but technically anyone can do that). Luffy has the power to attract people and their help (everyone vs Dofy, Robin vs Crocodile) where Zoro moreso uses people and their skills (several people vs Pica, Franky vs Oniwabanshu).

As with all shonen characters he'll have a breakthrough in battle (usually greatest under duress), but it's generally what you'd expect: oriented to training, related to a discovered weakness, or getting into a position where his existing skill can get around whatever was stopping it from being effective. In the rare case of Kuma, he managed to change the condition of victory.
If Zoro is a tactician what is law ?
A Takt

Wait is this damage control for Zoro saying they need to find a way to beat them.

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Zoro fans: Zoro is a beast. The Grandmaster will oneshot Kaido.

*Chap 1008*

Zoro fans: Buh...buh..Zoro is a tactician

He can one shot Kaido... that was confirmed. Not like the last major fight he had involved an opponent he could cut down but couldn't get that hit off til the end right
If we are talking about fighting, then without any doubt Zoro and Luffy are battle geniuses and no other straw hat can compete with them in terms of their combat intelligence.
But if we talk about other things than fighting like food supply, choosing appropriate clothing for the weather, or following a certain plan, then they are completely dumb. Sanji is smarter than them in those things but not in combat.