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Zoro's Unfinished Business With Kaido
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An appreciable fraction of the fanbase has been persistent that Zoro's story with Kaido was concluded in Chapter 1010. I think they are very wrong. Because Zoro will soon be returning to action, I would like to cover in more detail the unresolved plot threads he has that involve Kaido. This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list, but the ones that come to mind are:
  1. Yasuie
  2. Enma
  3. Kaido and Oden
  4. Zoro's declaration
  5. Zoro the hero
  6. Zoro and Ryuma

Yasuie's Declaration
At his execution, Yasuie declared that for 20 years no one has been able to take Kaido's head, and Zoro heard him and called out to him:

Beyond the specificity of this scene, the context around Zoro and Yasuie's relationship is what strengthens the foreshadowing.

Zoro bonded with Yasuie:

Zoro further swore to avenge Yasuie:

This is despite Zoro rarely fighting for revenge:

There's a reason that:
  • Zoro bonded with Yasuie
  • Zoro witnessed Yasuie's execution.
    • Zoro was the only samurai of note to witness Yasuie's execution.
    • Yasuie's words regarding Kaido's death were depicted as if addressed at Zoro.
    • Zoro was the only one to respond to Yasuie's declaration regarding no one being able to take Kaido's head.
  • Zoro swore to avenge Yasuie.
    • Despite Zoro rarely fighting for revenge.

If Chapter 1010 is to be the end of Zoro's confrontation with Kaido, then not only this scene but the entirety of Zoro's interactions with Yasuie were pointless.

Enma was introduced as the sword to give Kaido his lone scar:

Per Kawamatsu, swords inherit the will of their previous wielders. They give strength to their comrades and enable them to destroy their enemies:

The weapons of Wano inherited the will to continue the battle with the Beast Pirates:

Oden's will was to slay Kaido:

This will was left unfulfilled at the time of Oden's death. However, long before then, Oden told us he will find a way to pass on his will:

And that his soul (will) would live on:

Zoro was bestowed Enma, and was able to tame it; a feat that — in Wano's recent history — only Kozuki Oden could perform:

Hitetsu suggested that Zoro might surpass Oden, and forge Enma into kokuto:

The will that Enma bears has been left unfulfilled. Even in Zoro's last attack that scarred Kaido, Enma wasn't given special recognition by either Zoro or Kaido. There was no indication that Zoro could only damage Kaido due to Enma, or that the attack was heavily boosted as a result of Enma. In Zoro's all-out attack, Enma had no special impact.

If this is truly the end of Zoro's battle with Kaido, then Enma's entire existence is pointless:
  • It has not been forged into a black blade.
  • Its will to slay Kaido has been left unrealised.
  • It had no special role in Zoro's all-out attack vs Kaido.

For Enma's existence to be justified, Zoro needs to cut down Kaido with it. For Enma to be worth the panels devoted to it, Zoro needs to face Kaido again.

Kaido and Oden
Kaido himself needs to face Zoro again to resolve his plot threads with Oden.

He's fascinated with the way of the samurai:

However, he bears deep scars on his psyche left behind by Oden:

He despairs that never again shall a monster samurai of Oden's calibre appear before him:

However, in Roronoa Zoro. a promising samurai has stepped up to confront him:

They wield a Katana bearing Oden's presence:

From their katana he can sense a strange haki:

He then realises that their Katana actually belonged to Oden:

This Samurai goes on to replicate the feat only Oden performed by scarring him:

Yet, Kaido does not comment on this? Does he only lament that they refused to join up with him?

  • He does not commend them as truly worthy of the blade they wield?
  • He does not condemn them as unworthy to bear that blade?
  • He does not acknowledge the birth of another Samurai of Oden's calibre?
  • He does not recognise the samurai bearing Oden's mantle that stands before him?

Will Kaido's despair never be answered? Will his longing forever be unfulfilled?

Zoro's Declaration
Zoro had an entire character arc in Onigashima about his desire to face Kaido in combat. This character arc culminated in an earth-shattering declaration that he came to cut down Kaido:

(Said declaration teased Zoro's Haoshoku, but that is an aside).

In this goal for which he came to Onigashima, Zoro failed.

Even after he gave it his all:

He was unable to even knock Kaido off his feet, let alone cut him down:

Zoro's failure wasn't treated with dignity such that we could expect it to be final. There was no true commendation from Kaido. Kaido did not compliment him or acknowledge the enormity of Zoro's accomplishment — despite challenging the 4 Emperors and Navy countless times, they were never able to leave a scar on him:

He simply said that Zoro should contend himself with being able to scar him:

He then wrote Zoro off as a mere annoyance:

Zoro was asked to settle for a bronze medal that falls short of his true goal, and the utmost of his ability was ultimately belittled. This failure of Zoro's — that the limit of his ability could not fell Kaido — is something that he must attend to after he recovers to be given closure on his character arc with Kaido. Zoro needs that vindication.

Zoro the Hero
Oda seems to have been setting up Zoro to become a hero to the people of Wano.

The Shounen Jump cover for Issue 47 had the caption: "two pirates kill the evil spirit" with a picture of Zoro and Luffy crossing swords in front of Kaido:

In an article released for his birthday, the official One Piece website speculated that Zoro's blade might save Wano:
Currently, in the acclaimed "Wano Kuni Hen", Zoro saves people while causing various commotions, and even separates from Luffy and acts with Kogetsu Hiyori and Toko by chance. Knowing the horrific reality of Wano, will the angry sword save Wano ...!? Zoro's success will not be overlooked in the future!​
It goes without saying, but defeating King or Orochi will not qualify as "saving Wano". If Zoro is indeed to save Wano, then he needs to play a critical role in felling Kaido, and he hasn't so far (besides protecting Luffy and the other Supernova during Roofpiece).

Zoro becoming Wano's hero requires him to face Kaido again.

Zoro and Ryuma
Zoro has been set up as the second coming of Ryuma.

The Second Ryuma
One Piece Magazine Volume 6 is pretty blatant about Zoro being the Second Ryuma:
It's been several hundreds of years since Ryuma's death. Perhaps a strong samurai who people can call the 'second Ryuma' has already been born.
Zoro is most likely that swordsman that shall be recognised as the "Second Ryuma".

After his defeat, Ryuma bequeathed his legacy Shusui to Zoro, declaring that the sword would be satisfied with Zoro as its wielder:

It's fitting that the "Second Ryuma" duelled and was acknowledged by the shade of the original Ryuma.

After agreeing to relinquish Ryuma's legacy, Zoro requested that he be allowed to visit Ryuma's grave after the battle.

Replicating Ryuma's Legend
Ryuma's most iconic legend is slaying a dragon over the Flower Capital:

It was this legend that was depicted in Oda's Monsters!:

For Oda to credibly depict Zoro as the second Ryuma, Zoro would need to slay the dragon tyrant terrorising Wano.

In fact, One Piece Magazine Volume 5 mentioning that a new legend of slaying an Eastern Dragon will be born. Just as Ryuma had his own legend of slaying a Western Dragon (a legend that Zoro already replicated back in Punk Hazard):
Now that Zoro has obtained Shushui from Ryuuma after their duel, the possibility might arise, that a new legend of slaying an Eastern Dragon might be born.
The entire article is quite worth the read:.

The Eastern Dragon being referred to is without a doubt Kaido. The article even provides a description of Eastern Dragons with a picture of Kaido:

In case there was any doubt, Kaido's Mythical Zoan fruit is the Azure Dragon). The fruit was revealed in SBS Volume 98.

Zoro's Dragon Slaying moment has already been lampshaded; in Chapter 1002, Zoro nearly accomplished that feat on the rooftop using a posture and stance that directly mirrored Ryuma's own:

When next Zoro executes Hiryuu Kaen over the Flower Capital — and he will — it will be successful.

Even if you don't believe that Zoro will replicate Ryuma's Dragon Slaying legend.
Even if you don't believe that Zoro will be acknowledged as the Second Ryuma.

Zoro is still going to visit Ryuma's grave after the war. When he does so, he would have been recognised by the Wano populace as not some mere grave robber or delusional vagabond, but someone worthy of taking up Ryuma's mantle. For that to happen, Zoro will need to face Kaido again.

There are multiple plot lines involving Zoro that can only be resolved through another confrontation with Kaido. As such, Zoro will have to confront Kaido again to give the Wano Arc a satisfactory conclusion.

I think Zoro is significantly more likely to face Kaido again (~ 67%) than he is to face King (~ 55%).

To recap Zoro's unfinished plotlines that require a second confrontation with Kaido:
  1. Yasuie
    • Yasuie's words at his execution have not yet been vindicated.
    • Zoro's declaration that he would avenge Yasuie has not yet been vindicated.
  2. Enma
    • It has not been forged into a black blade.
    • Its will to slay Kaido has been left unrealised.
    • It had no special role in Zoro's all-out attack vs Kaido.
  3. Kaido and Oden
    • Kaido has not yet recognised the existence of a "Monster Samurai" of the calibre of Oden.
  4. Zoro's declaration that he came to cut down Kaido
    • Zoro failed at this and Zoro's failure has not yet been vindicated.
  5. Zoro the hero
    • Oda has set up Zoro to become a hero to the people of Wano, and for that, he needs to play a prominent role in Kaido's defeat.
  6. Zoro and Ryuma
    • Zoro has asked to be allowed to visit Ryuma's grave after the battle, and to be recognised as a spiritual successor to Ryuma, he needs to play a prominent role in Kaido's defeat.
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Zoro will kill Kaido when Kaido is tied up with sea stone and other stuff
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