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Jason Ozuma fight was Chefs kiss. Jason Ozuma’s character was Chefs kiss.
Seems like Act 3 is going to end soon....
I'm really reeeeeally bad in powerscaling and making theories
When I try entering a power scaling discussion I turn up looking like an idiot lmao, mostly because I'm not familiar with any of the terminology used
That's why I avoid them for the most part
1) Roger
2) Whitebeard (prime), Blackbeard (EOS), Xebec
3) Whitebeard (old), Shanks (two-arms) Akainu, Mihawk, Dragon
4) Whitebeard (sick), Aokiji, Shanks (one-arm), Rayleigh
5) Kaido, Big Mom, Kizaru, Fujitora, Ryokugyu, Ben
6) Marco
7) King, Katakuri
Teleportation, commonly conceived as the transferring of objects from one location to another in a certain amount of time without the constraints of traversing physical space between them, is currently not possible. However, it is currently possible to teleport information at the speed of light, rather than matter, which applies with subatomic quantum particles, thanks to a physical phenomenon: quantum entanglement.
Out of all reasons for Sanji's capture the only real one is - Oda fucked up, recycled plot for another Khalifa 2.0 bcs lazy. It is his mistake simply bcs he was lazy to make a better scenario
But since he is Oda he gets a pass instead of being held accountable. And bcs od that he will keep recycling plot, inducing stupidity moments and care little for power scalling.
The more OP goes the more of this shit you will see. But since i am 1000 chapters deep i cant quit. But what i can do is enjoy MHA, J. Kaisen and Kingdom while suffering this mid piece
Midnight Delight
Midnight Delight
Oda Lied, Sanji fans died