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According to Buddhism the human life is made of suffering, but through spiritual and physical labor it's possible to eventually achieve enlightenment to the point of reaching Nirvana. The seek for knowledge about reality is a pivotal point for this religion and reincarnation might be driven by consciousness being a fundamental property of reality and not merely linked to the human brain.
My dad just rang the bell today, he's officially cancer free.

Not smoke filled, just grateful thoughts today. Life is good✌️
“Free speech is dead. I wish WG was run by a real American not some washed out communist snail eating frenchie.”
When you wrote this, did you KNOW it would be the post that ended world hunger, or was it just a feeling?? ♨️🔆
I'll give you the best quality camembert if you can re-open my old locked thread.
How low you've fallen, you had the opportunity to get your shit together in real life instead you choose to become the head of one of the worst weeb sites to exist.