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I didn't know you are a Sanji fanboy all along LOL. Now that's pretty epic right there my man :)
I missed Oro Jackson already :( Worstgen used to be a good and active place but now it's dead and boring LOL. #BringoldGenback
Let the battle begin and then you will see activity of all fandoms shitting at each other
Current chapters are in stagnent mode everyone is waiting for big fight.

People get bored of kata vs doffy threads.
Likes: Shura
Heard a couple niggas wanna put me on my shit, tell em pull up wit them sticks and let em hit. You bet not miss bitch....
Like your favourite member out of these

Sanji stans edition

1. @Topi Jerami
Just watched the first episode of the Digimon Remake. Really enjoyed it. Back to childhood every sunday, i like.
Honnestly I think that an alliance between BM and Moria would have been interesting (maybe with Perona marrying one of the Charlotte sons) due to their df that are similar and very different at the same time and of their personnalities. Plus I think that BM would love to see Moria's zombies and ghosts in her crew with her passion for strange creatures