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  1. Character Discussion This chapter shows the difference between a vice captain and the other underlings

    Zoro is right. Even though They're one of yonko group now but what are 10 people gonna do?
  2. Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1059 Spoilers Discussion

    I want to know about caesar.
  3. News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

    Wano is officially ending now. When are we gonna get a new card set???
  4. The baiting Room

    any hint????
  5. The baiting Room

    So this is a reason why Yamato stay wano???
  6. The baiting Room

    Is Bakugo stay dead???
  7. The baiting Room

    So Yamato joins or not????? I'm really confused about the early leak.
  8. The baiting Room

    So Yamato join.
  9. The baiting Room

    what hint text have we gotten so far?
  10. The baiting Room

    Yamato join.
  11. The baiting Room

    Can't Believe Oda drop the Kurozumi family plot.
  12. The baiting Room

    Is This song fit 1057?
  13. The baiting Room

    So Vivi 2.0
  14. The baiting Room

    So the scenario that happens in 1057 is one of these two rights? 1. Yamato not join. 2. Yamato join later.