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Akainu one shots Kaido with his hands in his pockets.

In all seriousness, the Onigashima feat is absolutely insane. An argument for Kaido being above Primebeard and Roger can now be made.
Kaido D. Stronger
Kaido D. Stronger
The only thing the prime WB needs to beat the navy is ODEN prime, and free ACE, (considering there is no rescue or anything).
WB vs Akainu (I'll be honest if it's Akainu MF, this fight won't last long). Oden vs Aokiji. Marcos vs. Kizaru. Jozu, Ace, JImbei, Vista, Izou, other commanders will be free for confrontations + allies like Crocodile.
It's probably only me but I think that Kaido and Meme live in less dangerous times. Not to take away from them they are fucking durable and powerful freaks of nature but compare it to the era when Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki ruled the seas. + the difference in their departures. No one beat WB or Roger. They got ruined by sickness ( Sickness above Pirate King level lol ).
What I mean by less dangerous times. I doubt Kaido and Meme fought as much as Primebeard and Roger did during that era. This era is "peaceful".

I'm worried since I love Whitebeard so feats like that for Kaido definitely pushing the agenda of Kaido > Whitebeard. Although I think Primebeard vs Prime Kaido is way harder to scale than everyone thinks.
Do you think Kaido would beat Saitama ?