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you didn’t have to do me like that in the shanks thread 😤 i’m don’t usually post long posts because i’m on mobile but i might this time no promises tho
So the CL draw would happen around this Thursday.
Let’s hope that there’ll be interesting matchups in some groups, like Barca-Bayern or Barca-Liverpool, Barca-Juventus

And since I watched the first LaLiga match of Barca 2 days ago to see how they would fare. Gotta say quite refreshing. Both the attack and midfield looked stacked, though Busquets was still lol, and De Jong looked shaky sometimes too
And their defence was decent, though Roberto was straight up not enough.
Well, and if they get Dest, that would improve their RB a lot, though I’m kinda salty cause he is likely to choose Barca over Bayern

And if in the upcoming matches against Celta or Sevilla, and so on, Barca manages to win convincingly like that.
They would definitely fare much much better against teams like Bayern or Liverpool
And the thought of Messi vs Ronaldo in the CL interests me a lot as well
It’s been so long since this two legends meet in the CL
I would say the chance 50/50 for both Barca and Juventus if they meet