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    Buradaki amiral lobisi nasıl?

    Buradaki amiral lobisi nasıl?
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    Sensey sen misin? :D

    Sensey sen misin? :D
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    Questions & Mysteries Why the YC2s Sucks?

    Let be honest. All the YC2’s we’ve seen so far is sucks. I hope Lucky Roo will be an exception. Smoothie -Can’t even pass the door in WCI -Can’t even defeat Reiju -Got pushed off by King and Marco -Background character. Queen -Got neg-diffed by Memoryless Big Meme -Got choked by Marco...
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    Questions & Mysteries Ryokugyu’s Next Victim

    In Ch. 1053 Aramaki negs King and Queen at the same time. Who’s gonna be next victim of Ryokugyu? Big Mom Pirates Scabbards Yamato and Momonosuke Zoro and Sanji Kid and Law Marco Luffy
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    Questions & Mysteries Will Luffy be OHKO'd Again After Wano?

    Who will be one shot Luffy? 1-Akainu 2-Kizaru 3-Ryokugyu 4-Teach 5-Imu 6-Shanks 7-Someone we haven't seen before 8-Other (Someone we've seen before)
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Discussion

    King: "Legend is legend... At this point, I don't really care... I have my life now thanks to you. Just continue being the “strongest”...!! And I won't lose until I make you the “King of the Pirates”!!" B-but Katakuri is the only first mate has never defeated. :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1035 Spoilers Discussion

    Sanji fans in 2020: Sanji gonna fight King. 2021: King is trashhh. :milaugh:
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Izanagi Room

    Sanji Newkama Kenpo let's goooooo
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Izanagi Room

    Luffy vs Kaido?
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Izanagi Room

    Confirmed by 101.106 Chapter 1025 - Bad News All Big Mom Pirates come out of Montdor's book. Kid & Law vs Big Mom Killer vs Hawkins Raizo vs Fukurokuju ends. They're both unconscious on the ground. Katakuri and Brulee appears. Katakuri looks badly injured. At the end of the episode, Brulee...
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Izanagi Room

    Zoro vs Kaido Luffy,Kid,Law vs Big Mom