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    Questions & Mysteries Kings has curly eyebrow bet thread

    Thats what i thought lmao This thread isnt thought through
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1033 Spoilers Discussion

    So the kitetsu aint cursed?
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    One Piece Chapter 1031: Soldier of Science

    Colour spread kinda confirms zoro is the vice captian huh?
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    General & Others Straw Hats Civil War

    Zoro: Franky Yamato Chopper Sanji: Nami Ussop Jinbe While idk jinbe and ussop are just a feeling they could easily go with zoro aswell Brook idk he respects zoro(swordmaster) but also sanji (fellow pervert) Robin is hard because of the black maria plot but also she would probably pick...
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    General & Others Straw Hats Civil War

    What makes u say that zoro is racist ? :josad:
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    Future Events Why Zoro needs Nidai Kitetsu asap

    Yall sanji fans cant trigger zorofans anymore all the supreme zoro stuff that happened this arc, all the Ws zoro took, all the Ls Sanji took and every theory that came true about zoro is enough to make every weak attempt like this just a laughing matter for us :milaugh: 1634352176 If zoro ends...
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    Break Week When/If Zoro gets Nidai Kitetsu ?

    am i the only one bothered about zoro having not one but 2 purple swords
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    Character Discussion Queen Is the Most Incompetent Commander by Far

    The whole crew is. Kaido could have killed luffy 4 times but just threw him down the island even saying himself he should have slit his throat Jack got beat up by everyone King didnt do much half the raid Black maria burning the whole castle Ulti and page one fighting big mom whos on their...
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    Questions & Mysteries Anyone remember this line?

    luffy and zoro hakai confirmed :finally::finally:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1028 Spoilers Discussion

    what zorofans see: Sanji deafeated and bones broken what sanjifans see: Sanji powerup
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    Speculations A Kozuki will join the crew and it won't be Momonosuke

    fightingstyle: being a profesional whore :finally::finally::finally:
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    Future Events POLL: Would you rather see Zoro and Sanji tag team King and Queen or ZvK and SvQ 1v1

    Tag team would be cool but for every zoro attack on queen and sanji attack on king we will have a higher risk of some stan saying "Yo WiThOuT tHaT AtTaCk SaNji/ZoRo woUldNt HaVe DefEaTeD QuEen/KiNg" so 1v1 would be better
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    Break Week .

    scarf maybe.. but not scar bro
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    Break Week .

    yamato and momo arent strong enough to kill kaido, luffy doesnt kill. so wer are were we left of this thread is useless