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    Future Events Who will be Kizaru's hypetool in Egghead?

    people who think Daifuku Jr. is comparable to supernovas and will fight an admiral will face the reality lol
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    Break Week Queen and Jack being worth billion is ridiculous

    if they did factor thr stuff at the tea party, his bounty would be below his former bounty lol. The guy literally got trashed by Daifuku.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers Discussion

    Finally! Killer is free to join the crew now! Zoro will at last receive an adequate partner. Daifuku Jr. can go and cry at a corner
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    Versus Battle Uchiha clan vs The Jinchurki

    Naruto (and maybe Bee) is the main problematic guy here. He has chakra and tons of fighting experience against Uchihas. He downright cancels out most of the Sharingan and MS abilities and has way more than enough power to deal with PS of Sasuke and Madara. Bee also probably can deal damage to...
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    Character Discussion Greenbull Review

    instead of ex-criminal, I think he was the leader of Holy Knights (or smth like that). I think Fujitora also was part of Ground military and they were drafted from different sanctions of WG.
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    Character Discussion Characters that are parallels/benchmarks for the n°4

    I believe Sanji’s character is inspired from Lebron James, who similarly is a pathetic loser with multiple daddies (Dirk, Durant, MJ, Kobe, Paul Pierce to Sanji’s Daifuku, King, Zoro, Killer, Vergo etc.) and need someone else to do all the work to succeed in life (Kyrie winning 2016 championship...
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    Future Events Vegapunk will join Cross Guild

    Oda is regathering MADS through cover stories. Next up is reunion with Queen and Vegapunk will meet Judge after that.
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    Character Discussion Are You Still upset about Sanjis Role in WCI?

    he was Daifuku’s personal f*cktoy. It was funny to see him being beaten left and right by the genie
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    Speculations Killer Bounty

    1.062B . There is no way in hell Oda gave Killer lower bounty than Sanji.
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    Questions & Mysteries Vegapunk was in love with Sora?

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    Future Events Is Sanji vs Ryou even more likely after Wano

    Luffy vs Akainu Law vs Aokiji Kidd vs Kizaru Zoro vs Fujitora Killer vs Greenbull Jinbei vs Sentomaru Sanji vs Daifuku
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    General Chat

    Hey everyone, Outside of my life of trolling Sanji, I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer who is coming to PhD to U.S. to UCSD on 6th of September. My hobbies are playing bass, watching basketball/soccer matches, traveling around the world and DIY activities. If anyone is around San Diego, I...
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    Future Events Is Sanji vs Ryou even more likely after Wano

    Daifuku will join the Navy to beat the crap out of the loser again
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    Speculations Killer's Bounty - The Ultimate Prediction

    Definitely above Sanji’s. Apoo and Hawkins (if he is alive) will have higher bounty than Sanji too. Predictions: Killer - 1.062 B Apoo - 1.05 B Hawkins - 1.042 B