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    General & Others Next Straw Hat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    She was already a pirate captain. This seems like a downgrade
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1113 Spoilers Discussion

    Vegapunk started global warming with all his weapons manufacturing
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    I think the iron giant was the first buccaneer made cyborg and Vp studied him to make Kuma
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    General & Others Kizaru betrays the gorosei

    i see sanji stopping kiz before he gets there
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    Character Discussion Nika ruined this manga

    I miss Luffy with his goofy fruit. i looked forward to seeing how he would beat the bad guy with it. blowing up the fist was genius! now it seems his ingenuity is gone
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Urouge's backstory will happen during elbaf
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    Theory The Gorosei or/and Imu are poisoning and spreading infections at people they consider a threat.

    What if Shanks was poisoned too? and gave up his infected arm willingly
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    One Piece Chapter 1098: "Bonney's birth"

    Kuma takes the disease and asks to be turned into a cyborg to neutralize it or A cure is found by the wg. Kuma trades his body for the cure. wg now has a cyborg
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    Powers & Abilities Conquerer's haki

    New here so i don't know if anybody else has stated this but, If every haki has an advanced and a higher grade version, what if Saturn has shown us a higher grade level of conquerer's haki? If conqueror's haki grants the user the ability to unleash their own willpower to overpower the will of...
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    It's nice to meet you all, i go by chicolastic. i got introduced to one piece by an old school friend. i lost contact with him so i don't know if hes still into it, but i still like it. thank you A, for giving me something to read every week