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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 988: "I've kept you waiting"

    :stealthblack:THIS **** SANJI SAID "RELAX, I FOUND A BITCH ALRIGHT". I absolutely loved that small interaction with Momo. Also it looks like King and Sanji had two clashes rather than one now that the scan are cleaner; one where he attacks with his foot and another where he blocks with his...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers Discussion

    Sanjibros yall playing too much with this one. I'm not saying anything incriminating until I see at least more than one chapter of clashing. Oda tryna do that old ass bullshit where two people fight and someone gains the upper hand before it's interrupted. Usually Luffy starts folding someone at...
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    Pretty good man, sorry for the late reply. I know I said I dropped OP several times in VC but...

    Pretty good man, sorry for the late reply. I know I said I dropped OP several times in VC but I'm a lying faggot so I come here every now and then to see chapter thread discussion.
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    Break Week One Piece Chapter 987: Faithful Servant

    Get Kaido of the 100 Ls the fuck on outta here. Imagine howling for help like the Beatles five minutes before talking reckless like you're going over to fade the marines :kriwhat:. I'm super excited for Pero and Marco tho, I'm surprised that smoothie and Daifuku would be okay with this...
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 980: Fighting Music

    "The kids in Africa could have ate that Oshiruko" Luffy did jackshit here but get spotted. They didn't even punish them enough for wasting the food so it's not like anything changed. Good ol oda doing the same shit for 20 years. It was good to see Apoo fodderizing Luffy and Zoro I guess tho.
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    BLEACH's stage at AnimeJapan 2020!!

    That's 70% more respectable as a stance:goyea:, I thought his chicken form was thematically appropriate but bit more on the lazy side design wise. He definitely was sperging like a retard at the end tho, Kira almost looked cooler than buddy.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 975 Spoilers Discussion

    This guy went G4 on a ship. Even if it's to highlight that Luffy doesn't get tired from it anymore, it's still corny.
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    BLEACH's stage at AnimeJapan 2020!!

    Hao doesn't like Lille?How come I never heard of this before? absolute blasphemy, I'm revoking his bleach fan card until he stops capping:whitepress:
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    BLEACH's stage at AnimeJapan 2020!!

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    Versus Battle Zeref Dragneel and Acnologia (Fairy Tail) vs Sosuke Aizen and Yhwach (Bleach) vs Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)

    Aizen reiatsu crushes no need for Yahweh to move. Even if you remove Bleach team (which you should really, seeing this is a stomp) Kaguya should one shot with TSB if iirc
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    Break Week One Piece - Chapter 970: Oden vs Kaido [BREAK WEEK]

    What a fucking jobber, kid Big Mom vs Kaido thread soon
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    Powers & Abilities Law should use a gun

    Ope Ope is mainly about dismemberment and surgeon themed abilities like injection shot, radio knife, gama knife etc. Sure if there's a doctor that packs a glock 40 in an operation room then yeah. There's also the fact that top tiers either block bullets ez, or just dodge them. Takt doesn't...
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    Versus Battle Akatski(no Nagato or Itachi or Obito) Vs Guy and Lee(End Series)

    Yah Kisame holds Guy and Diedara C0'/C4s the fuck out of the zone then it's gg no re 8th gate should kill a couple but not all, remember Might Dai only killed 4 of the seven swordsmen iirc. Now Gai is >Dai but the Akatsuki are also > seven swordsmen so it evens out. Even if he does kill more...
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    Break Week One Piece - Chapter 966: Whitebeard and Roger

    Did I mention I love Izo? Cause this guy is a chad. Jesus Christ how do you turn down the superior crew that your lord is going to join so casually?
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 966 Spoilers Discussion

    tfw Scopper is now actually more or less portrayed as one of Rogers top commander and it wasn't some random Sanjifan fanfic, I feel bad for shitting on the metal naming idea now wtf.Roger being a swordsmen should open a really *cough* Honest conversation*cough* about Mihawk's title. Power...