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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers Discussion

    Still no Sanji bounty 1/5 chapter :whitepress:
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    General & Others Buggy vs Mihawk vs Crocodile

    Buggy 2.5B+ Mihawks 1.3B Croco-boy 1.2B
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    Character Discussion OMG Shanks Is Such A Nice Person!!

    Why is shank so fat here :whitepress:
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    General & Others Will Luffy have the best crew at the end of OP ?

    Future PK and the 4 Yonkos :stealthblack:
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    Speculations Elbaf should have Yonko level characters

    I think elbaf is not a major arc . It will be like zou arc which transition for Wano arc . Therefore, Yonko Level villain is not necessary . Elbaf will be a build up arc for the sh vs bb pirates .
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    Character Discussion One Piece Red spoilers/ Strawhats parallels in the RHP crew

    Huhu ... So many leak after just 1 day movie release. I can't help but read it tho.. hopefully, the movies come to my country before full leak happen ..
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    General & Others Are you going to watch the RED movie?

    Yes . I would like to watch anime movies for every one piece, dragon ball, demon slayer and jujutsu kaisen in cinema even it's a non canon story . But recently in the Dragon ball superheroes movies there's full leak in YouTube that make me not go to cinema. Hopefully there's no leak until...
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    Speculations Yamato definitely isn’t joining

    Poor carrot fans :josad:
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    Character Discussion Worst SH member now that Wano is ending.

    Wano worst SH member development top 3.. 3. Brook - from WCI MVP and first SH vs Yonko.. now fight fodder gifter and assist robin . 2. Chopper - Stall queen a bit and make antidote and it's all end there .. 1. Usopp - look like a fodder in Fight with page one .. he didn't even get the last...
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    Character Discussion Stop disrespecting Buggy-sama!

    Back then he want to execute Luffy in the public but saved by dragon . This time when Luffy meet Yonko buggy there is no dragon to save him anymore :stealthblack::stealthblack::stealthblack:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Discussion

    Knowing oda , he will put Yamato bounty poster as oden for jokes purpose :cheers:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Discussion

    After this chapter Croco-boy fans increase Clownhawk fans decrease :myman::myman::myman: Buggy sama the game changer:stealthblack: :stealthblack: