1. Onimaru/Gyukimaru realizes that Zoro is Ushimaru's Son. More backstory with Zoro and his relationship to the Shimotsuki Clan and Village.
  2. Onimaru also reveals to Zoro that King killed his Master Ushimaru.
  3. More Info on Ryuuma's history and Black Blades.
  4. King is revealed to be a female. This will lead to perhaps a flashback with Kuina, the person who defeated him 2000 times.(the least likely)
  5. Hiyori's Presence will be very important. Zoro will once again meet her. He may have to protect her again.
  6. Nidai Kitetsu is the Blade of Ushimaru Shimotsuki, Zoro's Father. Ushimaru wanted this sword to be given to his son.




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