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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers Discussion

    Maybe because of the recent rise in sea levels. I hope there was no one left on Onigashima. And by "no one" I mean Black Maria, Kunyun and Ulti.
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    Character Discussion Best dad in One Piece

    I chose Kuma because I only have one vote, but my second vote would have gone to Whitebeard. He sacrificed himself for Ace and his other sons and even forgave Squardo. I see Corazon more as a kind of big brother to Law. 1705586603 I don't get the impression he's a terrible father.
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    General & Others Wano Girls or Egghead Girls?

    York alone can't handle everything. So Wano girls, or better: Beast Pirate girls.
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    One Piece Episode 1090 - A New Island! Future Island Egghead

    Pass. By the way, the episode contains almost an entire chapter. If it stays at this pace, which it looks like, the anime is really worth watching again.
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    Break Week What made Egg Head the best arc of PTS?

    Erwin from Girls und Panzer.
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    Break Week What made Egg Head the best arc of PTS?

    Good pacing, we saw a lot of action in the rest of the world (Blackbeard, Sabo, Garp, Kuzan), the female characters' outfits.
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    Do they know in advance what colors the wings are when they make this figure? By the way, I suspect that Stussy is not part of a specific race or has devil fruit powers, but that Vegapunk added certain cellular material when she was created.
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    General Chat

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    Fanclub PUNK-06: York Fanclub

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    Shit, it really seems like Kizaru brought food to Luffy. But he probably did it secretly because he didn't want to officially betray the Marines. He wants Luffy to recover so that Luffy can do the job while he acts busy himself. I don't like that at all, because there have been no signs of it so...