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    Character Discussion One Piece Favorite Character Tier List - Top 10

    1. Ichiji 2. Nami 3. Yamato 4. Crocodile 5. Doflamingo 6. Monet 7. Black Maria 8. Ulti 9. Jinbe 10. Baccarat
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    General & Others Pacing of the anime ?

    The anime has basically gotten worse. The pacing is the main problem. Back then they used good filler arcs (G-8, Ice Hunter, Caesar Retrieval). What I also find bad are these many unnecessary spoilers. For example, in a short flashback of Yamato fighting Ace, it was shown that Yamato was a woman...
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    General & Others One Piece Women Appreciation Thread

    1. Big Mom 2. Yamato 3. Boa Hancock 4. Catharina Devon 5. Smoothie 6. Tsuru 7. Stussy 8. Robin 9. Reiju 10. Bonney Monet may be stronger than Robin because she is a Logia. And too little is known about Gion. Is she almost as strong as an admiral, or just a little stronger than the average vice...
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    Questions & Mysteries Which One Of The Sweet Commanders Did Kid fight?

    That would be strange because Cracker said no enemy had ever seen his true form before Luffy. And he wouldn't have been so confident if he'd been injured by Kid before. Snack seems the most logical as he has lost his position as Sweet Commander because of his negative encounters with the Worst...
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    Anime & Manga Do Germa 66 have Zords?

    Bege has taken on the role of a Zord. Otherwise, it's something I would expect from Franky if his opponent becomes Sanjuan Wolf.
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    Questions & Mysteries Did Whole Cake Island Arc make you hate Sanji?

    I don't hate him, but he's been the Straw Hat I like least since Whole Cake Island. I mean, he didn't trust Luffy after everything they'd been through together. Then he beat up Luffy and left him and Nami to their fate. And what did he do while Luffy was ready to tear off his arms and Brook...
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    General & Others What is the Chapter limit you want for every remaining arc of One piece?

    There will likely be a lot more. In addition, there may be other arcs that we currently cannot even consider.
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    General & Others What is the Chapter limit you want for every remaining arc of One piece?

    Elbaf: 50 - 60 chapters. I really like Nordic mythology and Vikings and I would like to enjoy Oda's implementation. I expect a lot as "Vicky the Viking" was Oda's inspiration for One Piece. I also expect characters like Shanks and Weevil to be incorporated into the arc. It also needs to be...
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    Current Events Wano Useless Plot Thread

    The ice onis. Nobody died and it had no significant impact on the battle. I would have preferred Chopper got a real fight.
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    Powers & Abilities I will miss you

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: The raid suit is too extravagant, to stay part of One Piece in the long term. It was inevitable that the raid suit would have to disappear from the story. But I also have to say that I really liked Sanji's fighting style as Stealth Black. That's why I...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Discussion

    Next chapter: Luffy and Kaido drink together and make their alliance public. Oda's editor on the last page: "An axis that shakes the world!"
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    Popularity Contest 2021 Popularity Poll - [Finals]

    I would disable the option to change the vote as it will likely be used to create a tie. I've seen this many times on another forum.