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    News One Piece Volume 103 SBS Leaks

    The Sanji's question was nice. I had been thinking ever since his fight with Queen, if the ability to temporarily disappear was something he always had, or if that was something he achieve with his Germa awakening... Cool to know he obtain the ability after the awakening.
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    General & Others Cp-0 are offically a joke.

    CP0 are just overrated by the fandom They are strong but they were never hype to be on the same level as groups like the Shichibukais, Marines or Yonko crews... People thinking they are all comparable to Yonko commanders is a complete joke :kailaugh::kailaugh: I expect most of their members...
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    Versus Battle Pain vs 5 Kage

    6 Paths of Pain vs 5 Kages - Kages win with mid diff Pain is freaking monster but that is too much for him... Literally, 4 Paths aren't even Kage level, 1 Path is only Kage level because of the absurd amount of summonings, leaving Deva Path to carry the team, so yeah, the Kages take this fight...