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    Break Week .

    This guy is a great example of cognitive dissonance. Go see a therapist or psychiatrist you clearly have issues.
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    Break Week .

    Haven't read any of this yet but it oughta be interesting... I mean entertaining.
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    Questions & Mysteries How would the raid be going if Kaido had killed the Scabbards instead of sparing them for no reason?

    I don't think Kaido spared them for no reason. He comes across as a suicidal masochist so he had his reasons for sparing them. That said it most definitely lowers the alliances chance of success.
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    Questions & Mysteries Would a Skinny Queen ACTUALLY Be Too Popular

    I'm disappointed.. opened this thread in hopes of seeing a fan art of skinny Queen. A quick search did find this though... Looks like a Borderlands character with an over sized head.
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    Speculations Yamato bounty

    Could see the Ace bounty happening. Could also see it being much higher. Ace's bounty was very high when first reveled, Jinbe had stated it took a lot to push it above 400 million beris. That doesn't mean much now when so many people are around or well above that, that idea got tossed when...
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    Money or your loved ones ?

    Obviously take the money and pay off someone in the life insurance industry to have a pre dated policy on said "loved" one, say 10 million or so.
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    Anime & Manga Proof that King is trash

    Proof that stealthblack is a man child still starting useless threads to discredit Zoro. You're the most pathic fanboy on this forum.
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    Current Events Yamato won't join

    For all the people saying she won't join do you think someone else will? Running out of time for a new SH and at this point in the game they need to be a heavy hitter.
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    Current Events Yamato won't join

    Hmm... let's wait and see how Luffy reacts when he finds a likely battered Yamato fighting Kaido.
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    Current Events Yamato won't join

    Would have to drop the series if this happens.
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    Speculations The Potential JOYBOYS

    It's Charlotte Amande... The the boy part is just a throw off. 1622687308
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    General & Others What would have Zoro done if he was first on rooftop

    He'd challenge Kaido to a drinking contest and tell Big Mom a cake is on the way but she can have it faster if she goes to the chef.