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    Chapter Discussion My Hero Academia Chapter 339 : The Story of How We All Become Heroes Part 2

    Honestly a whole lot of nothing happened in this chapter, only to give us a reminder that Support staff are heroes too. God that sounds so cheesy. Hatsume looked good in this chapter it's too bad that this is probably the last time we will see her. Nejire also looks great with short hair, Kohei...
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    One Piece Chapter 1036: "Bushido Is the Way of Death"

    The three calamities and the flying six are down for the count, Kaido's army has been decimated, something that will take years to recover from, but CPO still thinks that the Raid will Fail. Its official Morj either an agent of CPO or he is newsman supporting WG propaganda Can't wait to see the...
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    My Hero Academia Chapter 337 Spoilers Thread

    Was unexpected to see a glimpse of Toru's face but a pleasant surprise, Ojiro still has a chance! Deku is being cringy but it makes sense, he is trying to give Yuga to redeem himself and use him as a way to locate All for One. As far we know AFO hasn't learned that Yuga's cover has been blown...
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    My Hero Academia Chapter 331 : America

    Damn. I know everybody keeps talking about New Order being powerful. But can we show some appreciation for Super Regen. Beacuse if it wasn't for this healing quirk, Endeavor would have been able to kill Shigaraki at least three times over already. Now SnS has to use Nukes and it still won't get...
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    One Piece Chapter 1030: The Impermanence of All Things

    I guess its confirmed that Kaido is the World's Worst Swordsman, no wonder he uses a club for battle because everytime he stabs someone with a sword they inexplicably comes back alive.
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    Character Discussion Akainu doesn't hate Pirates, he hates the Enemies of the Government (Akainu's character got exposed)

    Great thread I always wondered if Dragon might have been a marine himself, He is same age as Akainu, so they could have been in the same class when they joined the marines. It would help explain Akainu's obsession with Luffy being Dragon's son. If Dragon was a marine and possibly Akainu's...
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    My Hero Academia - Chapter 329 : The West makes it just on time !

    RIP Star and Stripes. I've seen Kohei's playbook on sexy muscular heroines. I assume AFO has temporarily given Shigaraki control back of his own body. But the body hijacking experience has broken the young apprentice who has been given a reminder of his true role. Its also hilarious that...
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    Future Events Blackbeard will defeat the Marines and will ask them to join him or die

    Nice thread, but I disagree about Blackbeard trying to recruit the Marines. Because of one man Gecko Moria. Regardless if Gecko willingly joins or not, his devil fruit is invaluable for someone like Blackbeard who has the ability to harvest devil fruits. With the Kage Kage no mi in his...
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    Powers & Abilities Who will get Jozu's fruit?

    Honestly my thought was that Jesus would eat the Diamond Fruit since he would effectively be Blackbeard"s Jozu; a strong and loyal crewmate who could protect his captain in rough moments. But I really like the idea of Shiryu's sword eating the Diamond fruit because he would be similar like...
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    Future Events Is Luffy going to follow the final stage Old WB's route?

    Interesting connection I'm not sure that Luffy is meant to successfully accomplish certain deeds that Whitebeard failed to do. I always saw WB as another gatekeeper like Shanks preparing for the arrival of the person that Roger was waiting for. Its just that WB probably thought that Ace would be...
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    Powers & Abilities Which my hero character would have conquerers haki

    AFO All-Might Deku Bakugo Stain Shigaraki Endeavor Would the previous holders of One for All count? I think Yoichi would at least be his own special category since he was physically weak but he refused to bend to his brother AFO's will.
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    Questions & Mysteries A Soulless Person in One Piece

    This is a fascinating theory that helps explain a lot of Blackbeard's behavior. I always thought it was super strange for a man who spent time with Ace but didn't know that he was Luffy's brother. Ace is Luffy's biggest fan and bragged about him all the time. So BB would have to be utterly...
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    My Hero Academia Chapter 319 : Friends

    All-Might apparently couldn't find any information on the Second or Third's quirks because according to him the records back then were non-existent. So Bakugo himself wouldn't know about Fa-Jin or the Second quirk. Which is why I suspect it might appear in this possible fight next chapter. I...
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    My Hero Academia Chapter 319 : Friends

    Its disappointing that they are not trying to talk to each other since if Bakugo supposedly understood Deku then he would know using force is only going to get Deku dig deeper in his ways. I have a feeling its going to end badly for Class 1A because Deku is in similar state like Shiggy was...
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    My Hero Academia Chapter 315 : Cover Ups

    Lady Nagant X Deku. :sweat: Our precious sexy heroic assassin found a true hero worth believing in only to be denied We should have seen coming with AFO but Its too soon for this fallen angel to die yet. Maybe Overhaul can finally use his quirk for good to save her.