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    Speculations What will happen to the marines?

    Akainu and Kizaru will be in Impel Down , Fujitora or Aokiji will be FA , 3 Admirals will be Coby , Aokiji/Fujitora , and maybe Ryokugyu Drake will be one of strongest VAs Smoker will either be one of strongest VAs or an Admiral
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    Speculations Who will defeat Big Mom?

    Admirals always meet Strawhat(s) in or not long after their intros , so yea i think Ryokugyu's intro will be in Wano meeting Strawhats Aokiji - Long Ring Long Land - he met Strawhats at 319 Kizaru - Sabaody - he said to Sengoku he was going then he encountered SHs Akainu - Luffy in MF , Akainu...
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    Future Events Sanji vs Kizaru won't happen

    Don't think Sanji will fight an Admiral . Kizaru always faced second strongest ( Marco , Rayleigh , Beckmann , the first SH he attacked was Zoro ) Ryokugyu is possible but i wouldn't bet on it , i think Sanji + Jinbe vs Ryokugyu is more possible
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    Speculations Who will defeat Big Mom?

    Marines ( a fleet with Fujitora and Ryokugyu ) > Hybrid Kaido ( their alliance can be broken ) > Kid
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 975 : "Kinemon's Plan"

    Won't be wise of them to continue to Onigashima since they already knew Kaido and BM teamed up ( even if they plan to sneak attack ) Denjiro cutting Beasts Pirates' monstrous ship was really cool though , he might be the strongest Scabbard but i bet on Ashura Extreme Diff
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 974 Spoilers Discussion

    Luffy Kid Law gangin up :finally: Law's Submarine :finally:
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    Coronavirus : Pandemic Alert

    Bat eaters ruining a lot of things
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 974 Spoilers Discussion

    King vs Kata :unsure: , i think King is better
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    Count to 120 before an admin shows up.

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    General Football thread

    2-1 Bournemouth . Liverpool have 82 points now , It is just between Liverpool and Man City for the Premier League winner , Leicester's maximum point is 80 ( currently they have 50 with 10 matches left they can reach 80 if they win all ) still Liverpool's chance is way bigger than Man City as...
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    ya it's hard

    ya it's hard
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 973 Spoilers Discussion

    I forgot she said that . but i'm counting them as 1 giant when they fuse
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 973 Spoilers Discussion

    If that Number really overpowered Neko and Inu fair ( without sneaking ) then they were far weaker back then imo . Numbers are Kaido's giant members , equivalents of giant members from other Emperor crews , and 2 great powers - ( Marine Headquarters and 7 Warlords + crews ) : - WB's giant (...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 973 Spoilers Discussion

    I thought Denjiro was Witching Hour Boy , so i was also correct , but i'm wrong on Shutenmaru fighting Kyoshiro
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    General & Others Crocodile vs Doflamingo character-wise

    I like Doflamingo , but not Crocodile . so Doflamingo he has nice design , also from what i've seen Oda likes to draw him in badass way ( like in the flashback of him taking over Dressrosa , around chapter 730 )