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    Current Events Why does Zoro want to fight Kaido?

    Because Zoro has spent all of Wano until the raid wandering and growing accustomed to the land and its people. He's experienced first hand how bad Kaido and Orochi laid waste to the country, from innocents being cut down by maniacs that make up the regime, starving children and elderly from the...
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    The Battle of Wano (Come Join!)

    I'll be Kawamatsu, @Law.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 997 Spoilers Discussion

    Kid's alliance formed to defeat Hawkeye's rival are falling to Hawkeye's rival.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 997 Spoilers Discussion

    Did Zoro use the Wado Ichimonji to take out Apoo? Also, Zoro's anger from seeing a comrade get hurt. "But Zoro has no reason to fight Kaido." Remember that Zoro befriended Kiku alongside Luffy in the beginning phases of the arc. Act 1 set up is truly paying off.
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    Powers & Abilities Devil fruit power in real life

    Robin's Hana Hana No Mi. I can work on several different things at once, plus I can produce clones and fly.
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    Character Discussion your top 5 favorite characters pre and post time skip

    Not including the Strawhats. Pre-timeskip 1. Tashigi 2. Kuma 3. Smoker 4. Crocodile 5. Rayleigh Post-timeskip 1. Tashigi 2. Kuma 3. Smoker 4. Issho 5. Crocodile Honorable mentions include: Kuzan, Katakuri, Bellemere, Hina, Drake.
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    Character Discussion Smoker is far more similar to Garp than Coby will ever be, the bias against Smoker is what makes people deny these similarities

    Smoker/Luffy is a far better duo than Luffy/Coby. I like what Luffy did for Coby, allowing him to grow and be more than what he was. Smoker, on the other hand, isn't exactly being changed by Luffy. He was always a Marine that toed his own manner of justice. It just so happens he and Luffy have...
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    Questions & Mysteries Luffy vs Orochi will happen?

    When Luffy said that, he meant the Alliance as an effort. Unless you think Luffy's gonna beat everyone on the enemy side singlehandedly.
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    Character Discussion King and Shiryu similarities

    "Luffy will not fight Doflamingo because he's too similar to Crocodile."
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    Fanclub The Persevering Wings: Captain Glasses Tashigi

    Yeah, I had already figured that as soon as I read the official.
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    What Are You Currently Listening To

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    Fanclub The Persevering Wings: Captain Glasses Tashigi

    Shout outs to our captain from the official One Piece dub twitter account.
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    General & Others Luffy's main rival

    Those aren't mutually exclusive terms. Both are vying for the Pirate King title, and so far, of his contemporaries, Teach's been the most competitive with Luffy.
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    General & Others Luffy's main rival

    There is no debate. It's Teach.
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    One Piece : the King of Predictions Tournament - Second Edition

    Questions for chapter 997 : 1) Will at least one of the Straw Hat Pirates appear in the cover page request ? No 2) Will Sanji encounter Black Maria ? No 3) Will her DF ability be revealed ? No 4) Will Luffy's group encounter King and/or Queen ? Yes 5) Will the mysterious character (or at...