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    Character Discussion Some Thoughts on Yamato 4 Nakama

    Good thread as usual. You covered a lot of what I thought on the matter. Particularly the case of Luffy acting as Yamato's liberator/saviour. To me, that's the strongest point in Yamato's favor to becoming a Straw Hat. It reflects the main plot of the arc which is opening Wano's borders to the...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why isn't Shusui considered a Meito / Supreme Grade sword?

    Mihawk isn't Zoro, though, and shouldn't have to perfectly mirror his path to the top.
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    Character Discussion New Found Love

    Three characters due to the recent flashback. Roger Kin’emon Tsuru
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    Questions & Mysteries Why isn't Shusui considered a Meito / Supreme Grade sword?

    Leave Sandai Kitetsu alone. Who cares if it isn’t/never be some fancy smancy supreme grade. It’s never let Zoro down, plus sword quality doesn’t make the swordsman. :kriwhat:
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    Chapter Discussion What’s Good?

    Lol, I want this just for the potential hilarity.
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    I'll stick to Cinpai.

    I'll stick to Cinpai.
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    So I just saw Morj's recent character analysis on Zoro. It was pretty good, but I think there are some things to consider when looking at his drive. Zoro staked his life to become the World's strongest Swordsman, and to fail that is a shame punishable by suicide. His loyalty echoes the Samurai...
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    @Cinera I assure you, my intent wasn't to make it seem like I didn't miss you. I mean, it's easy...

    @Cinera I assure you, my intent wasn't to make it seem like I didn't miss you. I mean, it's easy for me to forget you were gone, considering we still talked during your site wide hiatus. Meanwhile, I haven't communicated with @Ten Yaksha Blother for weeks here until now. Personally, I'm glad...
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    AMV tournament

    I think I'll just vote on this one. I can't remember any good amvs at the moment.
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    Episode Discussion One Piece Episode 974 - Oden Wouldn't Be Oden If It Wasn't Boiled

    I did not care much for Oden's death in the manga, but I appreciated how cinematic and evocative this episode was. It felt like the climatic end of a Kabuki play, with the overdramatized performances, but the direction found in old Samurai films. The use of Koto and a more eastern style...
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    @Cinera Come on, don't feel like that. lol

    @Cinera Come on, don't feel like that. lol
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    Fanclub The Persevering Wings: Captain Glasses Tashigi

    I'm still hopeful Luffy actually falls on Wano. The people of the country finally recognize an outsider fighting for them, and it begins the process of freeing them from their xenophobia. Personally, I'm hoping Smoker and Tashigi are already on Onigashima. Pipe dream, I know, but there's room...
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    Well, on him, not so much his swords. He can produce flames, but no long range option. I don't think shooting them is all that necessary when he can produce large air slashes. Have we ever seen Kaido combine those elements? From what I recall, he's only ever combined his wind scythes and...
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    OST/Theme song tournament FINALS - KiriNigiri won with FMA Ost- Brothers

    Thanks for the congrats, @Jaguark101 @Natalija @solis @Zoro D Goat And thanks to everyone who voted for my pick along the way. Many picks were really good this tournament.
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    Chapter Discussion ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1013: THE ANARCHY IN THE BM

    On mobile, so I cannot extrapolate as much as I want on the chapter. Linlin was the best part of it. We got to see her in her purest, rawest form. She was a twisted mother to her homies, an unstoppable force for everyone around her, shades of her troubled childhood affecting her judgement, as...