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    Powers & Abilities Imu abilities and appearance

    He is God, why he should care about something like that, mortal?
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    Questions & Mysteries Now That We Saw Imu's True Form

    You can put Imu against ant other character in OP and he still win
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    Questions & Mysteries How would Kaido feel about this?!

    He would kneel before the real king :suresure:
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    Future Events Why Chapter 1085 Suggests Blackbeard Will Be The Final Villain (Devil’s Advocate Thread)

    Another clown thread Now talking about the reason why Imu can't leave Marijoise for a long time - that's because he somehow is limited in his movement, maybe case of D. Clan and Joy Boy
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    Future Events Make your bet: Luffy vs Saturn

    yup, go a head and vote :kata:
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    Future Events Imu or BlackBeard for the FV?

    Imu ofcourse
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    Future Events Make your bet: Luffy vs Saturn

    Naah, this is different option in the pull: there will be no clash between Luffy and Saturn
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    Chapter Discussion World Government is the real Endgame

    Younko are filler character that was created just to make feeling of challenge in the battle for One Piece. Before time skip only WG was Luffy's major enemies: Shichibukai who served WG, Lucci CP9 agent of WG, Magelan and admirals serving WG. WG was always real enemy, not the Younko.
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    Future Events Make your bet: Luffy vs Saturn

    Most deffinately Saturn's arc, case this arc will be just a hype tool for final battle.
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    Future Events Make your bet: Luffy vs Saturn

    So after new chapter revelation that Gorosei are actually fighters, we still have a question: How strong are the Gorosei? Right now Saturn is coming to Egghead island and it could have different outcome. Bet is simple - those who lose change their avatar on a month, if you voted on opposite...
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    Theory The Gorosei will be defeated by Nami, Bonney, Hanock and Robin

    Sabo could solo Nami, Boa, Bonny and Robin right now :kata: