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    General & Others Do you think the bounties for the Revolutionary Army Commanders are fine or do you think they should have been higher?

    I am fine with this because I am sure that these are the bounties before the things happened at MJ. So each one besides Betty should get a massive increase.
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers Waiting Room - The Dating Room

    Chapter 2018 - Chapter starts with BM Pirates on their ship try to find a way how to reach Onigashima within the sky - we See King overpowered the already tired Marco - King realizes that the only thing he has to do to turn the things around again is to kill Tama - King fly in Tama direction...
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    Powers & Abilities Vivre Card Pack New Bounty Reveal.

    I am 100% sure that these are their bounties before MJ. Betty is the highest now and will be the lowest afterwards since she wasnt in MJ.
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    Powers & Abilities Vivre Card Pack New Bounty Reveal.

    I am actually not suprised by the bounties of the RA. First they are only „Vet level“ characters and their bounties can be also a bit lower like Oven & Daifuku. Why Morley is under 300M makes absolut sense to me. Correct me if I‘m wrong guys but he was in Impel Down level 5 right? You get...
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    Future Events Write your predictions/scenario/fanfic about Wano's final battle against Kaidou

    Luffy will Play the biggest part in defeating Kaido. He will get a power up due to Moriah (Shadows) or Hawkins (Special power up Card). But he will still not beat him 1 vs. 1 he will just Play the biggest part. After Kaido loses the fight and lays on the Ground Eustass Captain kid is still not...
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    The point for Pekoms is also the following. Before WCI Arc, there was only 1 Person in the world who could Control Pekoms in his Sulong. He was not able to be calmed down by anyone than Pedro. Since Pedro is dead…. no one is left. Luckily during WCI Arc a new Person was able to calm down Pekoms...