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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1112: " Hard Aspect"

    Kakus' salty is showing :sanmoji:
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    One Piece Episode 1100 - Powers on a Different Level! Luffy vs. Lucci!

    Everyone: You can't fight him Luffy & Lucci: I'm listening :doffytroll:
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    Future Events Egghead finale predictions

    I pray Van Augur took the shot on Caribou :beckmoji:
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    Speculations Who will fight/defeat Garling?

    I'm hoping for Jin-boy. Any ties to slavery would make it more impactful
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

    Damn, I dont know where I stand with Lucci. - Respect for the Rock Lee determination - He is a GOOD operative - Makin a plea for his bestest buddy:doffycry: Meanwhile Mars: I love a good corncob gag & the '56' baseball bat :fransuper: Imma dub that move the Gomu Gomu no Line Drive - "He's...
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    Break Week What is your favorite character of each faction (you can't repeat the answer)

    Strawhats: :sanmoji:/:brootea: Worst generation: :pepapoo: Warlords: :pepehawk: Yonkous: :pepebuggy: Yonkou Commander: :pepecroc: Admirals: Borsalino Gorosei: :sus: Cipher Poll: Wanze Revolutionary army: Karasu Wano's Samurai: Raizo
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1110 Spoilers Discussion

    Zolo still gonna need Bus Jinbe to get back :myman:
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    Questions & Mysteries Which Strawhats will keep sailing post Luffy?

    Just Zolo & Usopp. Usopp cuz he still has adventure in him, Zolo cuz he still can't find his way home
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    Controversial Who had the most growth?

    Thank you :milaugh: You missed the answer. :kata:
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    Controversial Who had the most growth?

    Whatever feat Koby can achieve through his Garp training, Luffy would be able to match & 1-up it just on the basis of sharing Garps' blood Then you tac on a God fruit on the already winning side, it's not even close
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    Character Discussion Doffy the Celestial Dragon : Holy Knight or Higher ?

    Honestly, prolly pretty similar. Holy Knights seem to have some (warped) sense of justice. But Doffy's still a maniac I could see his & Garland's ideals conflicting, them fighting, Doffy getting excommunicated & escaping (w/ blackmail info) He wouldn't have String-String powers since Trebol...
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    Character Discussion Which Characters do you stan and why?

    Bart-boy Imma unrepentant fanboy :lunazing:
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    Powers & Abilities Western vs Eastern Dragon

    Easterns collect knowledge Westerns hoard women/gold West fer me, but only cuz Blue/Red Eyes White/Black Dragons