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    Break Week Yonkoproductions, avoid spoilers this week

    Hybrid Kaido or bounty reveals, betting on one of these.
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    Future Events End of One Piece soon?

    Soon as in within 5 years? Absolutely. One Piece will end a good bit before the decade is over for sure.
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    Speculations Yamato is Luffy's mom?

    It would explain why Dragon is the most wanted man in the world. The FBI stepped in lmao.
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    General & Others Is One Piece too long? What do you want from the story or simply from Oda?

    Being brutally honest? One Piece ran its course years ago, still love it. What I want from Oda is for him to stop hiring fanboy editors who aren't doing their job by not forcing him to trim the fat and dragging this story out. Whole Cake Island was the prime example of that.
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    General & Others Why didn’t Big Mom use Life or Death?

    Because the scene is just a gag?
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    General & Others Tobi Roppo are the main opponents of the 6 weaker SHs

    If Page One truly is the weakest link, I do have a tough time seeing what Nami and Robin can possibly do at all.
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 973: Kozuki Clan

    Damn so the anime opening really was out here spoiling manga readers too, that's wild.
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    General & Others The Great Debate - Will Luffy Solo Kaido this Arc?

    So Kid's just there to look pretty? What is this silliness?
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 971: Sentenced to Boil

    Nobody still believes Shinobu to be a traitor after this right? Are we finally past this?
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    Not true. Daz Bones has a 75 million berri bounty, when Zoro defeated him he only got 60 million on his head.
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    Future Events The Year of the Legendary, O-Soba Mask!

    We're 80% through the story now, how is it too soon?
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    Speculations Wano deaths

    Kinemon, Apoo and Law.
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    Future Events Who is taking down Smoothie?

    Honestly she might get tag teamed. If she fights at all.
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    Questions & Mysteries What happened to Page 1?

    Page done. That's what happened.