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    One Piece Chapter 1050 Chapter: "Honour"

    The hell u talking about? Its the old same shit all over again. Even the fking arcs are recycled trash from the previous arcs. wake up man. Kaido attacks were all the same, and most luffy attacks too. Before he didnt make a big punch as this one, but certanly he did it before. This time just...
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    One Piece Chapter 1050 Chapter: "Honour"

    Im amazed by the amount of people that think that this was a good chapter, and think that this writing is good. I mean, its on ur right to like it. but dont tell me this is a 10/10 chapt or that oda is god writing cuz its not. This chapter was sweating "made for fans". Amazing how bad this...
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    One Piece Chapter-1048: "20 Years"

    Another trash chapter. The pace is slower than dragon ball ffs. Chapter ends like it ended the last 2 chapters. Dont tell me kaido the yonko didnt know about that "punching without touching you" lmao
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    Questions & Mysteries Do you have good experiences with op reddit?

    Its exactly this. I have an account and did some comments of how bad OP is right now and guess what... I was downvoted to hell. Every single person that doesnt have a good opinion about one piece is downvoted even if you have good arguments. they just wont care, its like they are monkeys without...
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    One Piece Chapter 1047: The Sky Above the Capital

    Lol. At least this arc is ending(finally) Luffy grabing lightnings, kaido attacks being all the same... and now luffy tanks more than kaido? before G5 he took 1hit and K.O almost died. now he received all those attacks and randomly appears witha huge fist bigger than that flying island.... come...
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    One Piece Chapter 1046: Raizo

    Another meh chapter. Oda wants to end asap this manga and yet he keeps draging it the max he can wth? Also, why dafuq is luffy holding lightning? how did he "summon" them and how does he know how to use those techniques? wth is shit wrecktrain. now mc doesnt need any train/knowledge in how to...
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    One Piece Chapter 1045: Next Level

    did...this...guy... just say...that.... "Aside from this being one of the best fights you'll ever read in a shounen". how many shounens have u seen?
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    One Piece Chapter 1045: Next Level

    Another trash chapter. thanks oda. when we think u cant do worst, you bring a chapt like this one. Even trash boruto is better than this. Somehow the just awakened at deathdoor luffy knows how to do all that attacks without any kind of training and without any kind of experience vs a hyped...
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    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    U cant argue with fantards... This mange is a wreck full of plotholes, makes no fucking sense.
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    One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

    For real, what a trash manga one piece is becoming. Oda must be going senile or he doesnt know wth to do to bring up sales charts so he makes up stupid things that only die hard luffy fans/op kids gonna like. What a huge plothole this guy just made lmao. So much wow... the fruit is so op and...
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    One Piece Chapter 1043:”We die together!!“

    So, luffy lost right? At least people said that everytime the winner is announced the fight is over... Oda throws joy boy and every one goes crazy... to me, this is getting really shitty... wow how can the mc loose, yeah guys, the plot armor on luffy is so fking amazing that not even after...
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    One Piece Chapter 1.042 : Winners Shouldn't Need Rationalizations

    hahaaha luffy fans must be mad huh? Well, what makes more sense if for luffy taking the L, and same should have happened with law and kidd tbh. The fight is kinda meh... goofy kaido not showing any good attack, doing the same attack again and again just makes me think that yonkos are not that...
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    meh chapter 5/10 at max. hopefully yamato wont join the crew. and kaido... please dont be a big meme like big mum too. if kaido gonna loose here at least give us some good fight up to yonko hype.
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    One Piece Chapter 1040: Falling on Deaf Ears

    No wonder the sales are going down. what a shitshow this is. only fanservice and nothing more. This was like a turn based fight where big mum didnt even get her turn... oda seems in a rush to finish important stuff, but then wastes countless panels in stupid stuff. just waiting for this...
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    For real, im so dissapointed with one piece and oda. This just looks like fanservice. yonkos, who are supossed to be top tier in the universe are a joke. big mum qi -100 cant think and attack. her attacks does no damage. kidd and law that should be already exausted keep attacking and doing...