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    Speculations What if Katakuri wants help from Luffy

    nah.... dont think Katakuri would go straight to Luffy for help.
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    Fanclub Saint Jaygarcia Saturn FC

    not really think he would be that strong...
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    Speculations Luffy's Emperor island

    isnt it fishman island?
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    Speculations Bonney could be Big Mom's clone...

    yeah and Zoro is Ryuma's clone and Luffy is Joyboy's clone omg :risicheck:
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    One Piece Chapter 1,072: "The weight of memory."

    but.... thats why WG always try to catch her... so they can maintanance their youngness...
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    thak you broo

    thak you broo
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    thank u kecap!

    thank u kecap!
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    Character Discussion Does anyone else find Bonney annoying

    compared to wedding cakey shit, its nothing
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    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    finally!!!! the real shit :perocry:
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    Questions & Mysteries Do you want Doflamingo back?

    i want to see him back to Marigeois and slaughter those Celestial Dragons