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    Character Discussion Live Action Confirms Crocodile Is/Was A Woman

    naming means jackshit blackbeard is somalian and he's named marshall teach
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    Break Week Will OPLA be renewed

    90% who watched it do it for the laugh, they'll get tired soon
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    I hope Doll face devon, robin and nami are boring in fights
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    Speculations Why is Oda allergic to giving all the SHs 1v1 fights in an arc?

    did sanjit even have a fight in fishman island? because he was down bad with nosebleed most of the times, dont even remember it
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1091 Spoilers Discussion

    sorry but an admiral losing IS a world shaking event the majority of onepiece ciitzen still think that theyre the good guys and strawhat are an evil pirate
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1091 Spoilers Discussion

    japan have a lot of toxic cultures but toxic social media culture are not one of them they're Ike not like most countries that likes to record everything in public like a retarded person
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    Chapter Discussion Admirals are slaves confirmed

    lmao there's difference between bowing to someone after winning (a lot of fighters do this) for humility and just straight up shamelessly begging
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    Speculations Will their be Admiral/Yonkou level Giant on Elbalf?

    No, if there was it would mention by now. they mentioned loki but never said anything about his strenght
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    Character Discussion Shanks is a lying bitch

    skanks, gayleigh, and whitebitch know they can't beat waido, worororororororo
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    Questions & Mysteries Eustass Kid bet thread. Is he done/dead, or will he appear in Elbaf?

    hes not dead, but hes DONE to the story, irrelevant
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    One Piece Chapter 1090: "Admiral Kizaru"

    easy to be blunt when you can't get cancelled
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    Why Is Boruto So Much More Popular Than One Piece?

    boruto is popular in non japanese non korean asian countries, as you can see they have shit taste