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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers Discussion

    Waiting big mom using "indra arrow" :catsure:
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    Speculations Why I think Coby might beat Boa Hancock

    You guys @Garp the Fist @Bogard capability is being questioned..
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    He's top 1

    He's top 1
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    Questions & Mysteries Which Admiral Captured Kaido?

    Kaido ran away the moment he saw admiral
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    Future Events Chapter 1002 predictions

    Alright, waiting for Bil02 piece
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    You too dude

    You too dude
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    Nice avy

    Nice avy
  8. ranady this better or worse than reddit

    Really? What is the example of the real hate?
  9. ranady this better or worse than reddit

    welcome. i'm not active on reddit, only here, maybe there are another people here who are also active on reddit. but here you'll find fellas talk trash about oda and power level freaks, but it's fun tho seeing them fighting each other over a fiction stuff
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    Powers & Abilities Which slashes are stronger? Marco & Vista, Zoro & Killer?

    I think zoro and killer. It's a named attack, it pretty gives damage to kaido who has tough skin. Meanwhile Marco vista seemingly sent a casual attack. And also, akainu just dodged Marco vista's attack, not taken any damage