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    Thank u

    Thank u
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    Thanks u

    Thanks u
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    It's done zoro is on my profile pic

    It's done zoro is on my profile pic
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    Ussop will get a power up in elbalf. It will be like the story of King Arthur and excalibur but instead of a sword it will be with the thors hammer (miuonir). This will be how gets the giants on their side because he will be the only one how is worthy of picking it up. The ability of this will...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    In this chapter all the zoro fans that have chanted ashura and conqueror's haki has just been confirmed.👏 Zoro name will appear on the title when he faces Mihawk.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    Congratulations zoro fans 1009 and 1010 is ur chapter (confused on how luffy can use conqueror's haki infused punch but still hype.
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    Powers & Abilities Sanji's fire form PU

    I like the theory and I believe it would happen but it won't be this arc because sanji just got the raid suit and for this to happen he will either have to get overcome the raid suit to the point where he doesn't need to use or someone destroys it. I think he get new flames (black from "black...
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    Character Discussion Are you satisfied of Robin's development and use after the timeskip or not ?

    I think that Oda is planning to get her to say luffy will be "king of the pirates" since she is the only person who hasn't said it yet. This will probably happen when big mom or blackbeard captures her.
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    Questions & Mysteries Why people keep pushing Queen vs Sanji?

    If thats going to be the hardest fight zoro will ever have then that mean he should be able to have enough strength to hit kaido, its either he fight King or kaido but u can't have it both ways Can u think of three example to prove that what I said about zoro and Sanji's opponent is wrong.
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    Questions & Mysteries Why people keep pushing Queen vs Sanji?

    There is something that I have noticed about zoro and Sanji with the opponents that they clash/fight with. If one of them clashes/fight with an opponent first then the other people will not fight that opponent except in the event of a group battle. If u think I'm wrong give me at least 3...
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    Theory Sanji's Awakening

    Rejuii gained powers and keep her emotions as well. Even if she couldn't disobey her father that wasn't a side affect of the modification.
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    Theory Sanji's Awakening

    1611721147 But couldn't that same thing be said about the raid suit because he choose to use that power whereas him having an awakening from his genetics is something he can't control. if u don't think that his dj comes from where? Although the pills stop him from losing his empathy/sympathy...
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    Theory Sanji's Awakening

    It's doimaint due to the mother using the pills and the DJ is from the his family. I think that he will awaken but he needs a trigger.
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    Powers & Abilities King's special power is dark flames that drain men of their haki

    First sabo is the equivalent to first commander in the revolutionary army and second marco and Kings fire abilities are alright opposite and if king special ability is draining haki that will just be over kill. It makes more sense for him to have advance CoA rather than him draining haki with...
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

    The ice demons will be chopper time to shine because he needs to cure any disease for him to accomplish his dreams and it will be perfect for him as queen is a person who creates disease. (chopper won't fight queen just cure his diseases).