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    General & Others Post TS arcs are massively underrated + Oda is on a level with the all time fantasy greats.

    I quoted what impressed me the most. Well, wow. You put in one single clear post what many long-time One Piece readers think about the story itslelf, the author, the ill/toxic mechanisms of internet 2.0 discussions and online community (cause it's not only a One Piece forums' issue). It's just...
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    General & Others Hawkins vs Kamazo was BULLSHIT

    I'm at the opposite, for me it's the best fight, for backstory, psychology and artistically since the fight between Katakuri and Luffy. Hands down, the best in WA. If only Goda remembers more often what he's good at (telling stories of few interesting character with peculiar powers and...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers Discussion

    Killer got some serious savage spot here, congratulation psychokiller
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Yeah, it would. And potentially it would give us a confrontation between WG, Blackbeard, Straw Hats and Revolutionary, something that can lead to the final stage: -Teach's rush to Laugh Tale, to power -he WG will consider him the greatest threat ever existed -finally Luffy will meet not simply...
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    CP0 gonna kidnap Robin and Teach will be on the move to not let the WG take her to Mary Geoise and to use her for Laugh Tale. Sad truth, we're not ready for that.
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1028: Brachio Snake

    Alright, we got a glimpse of Sanji new defense, I'm looking forward to see the new attack power. And, maybe I'm wrong, my calculations are right, we'll soon see Zoro bossing King like Sanji did here, before the final act of their fights happens.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1028 Spoilers Discussion

    Well, finally Oda put Sanji where he should have been. The dude knows he fucked up his power level in the last 10 years. Nevermind, it's done, that's the baseline now for the left wing of the Pirate king and it's right he's that strong against a 1 billion berry fuckn' dinosaur (idiot) genius
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    Character Discussion The reason they didn't execute Ace immediately was so Whitebeard had a reason to hold back at Marineford

    "Plot has to be believable" , one of the wisest lines read here in a couple of years. The war could have be ended in millions of different ways, but only one of these infinite scenario was chosen. The same apply to the non execution of Ace. The truth is that the Marine, as a institution, won't...
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    Powers & Abilities Will we ever see a villain get a haki bloom?

    We're talking about growing your fighting skills through training and battles, but if you are a 50 years old man you have already had countless fights more than a pirate like Luffy. So, I expect some Haki blooming for all the new generation, be it a pirate, a revolutionary or a pirate (namely...
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    Character Discussion POLL: Is King a True Swordsman

    My man Zoro better be ready to deal with anybody, since is a wing of the future Pirate King :akaman:
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    Character Discussion POLL: Is King a True Swordsman

    I'm ok with that, they're just two examples and maybe they're wrong, the important thing is the general rule *chad mode on*
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    Character Discussion POLL: Is King a True Swordsman

    Bro, Zoro will beat King even if he doesn't call himself a swordsman cause he is stronger, as a swordsman and as a fighter and I like it I'm saying another thing: world strongest swordsman is automatically stronger than any swordsman, not than any character that just has a sword. In that...
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    Character Discussion POLL: Is King a True Swordsman

    Again, I will explain it with simple words Step 1: having a sword doesn't make you a swordsman. And even you understood, fine Step 2: that means, Mihawk is by definition a better fighter than any other swordsman. Alright, since step 2 you agree with me. Step 3: Mihawk and who ever will be...
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    Character Discussion POLL: Is King a True Swordsman

    Author, chapter 1023: a character who has a sword isn't automatically a swordsman Me: a character who has a sword isn't automatically a swordsman, what a surprise You: overreacting, laugh emoticons, lack of correlation, making fun of others' opinion, calling others shankstard (I appreciate...
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    Character Discussion POLL: Is King a True Swordsman

    Like I said, we can talk about it without any dogma, something that insecure swordpiece fans love For sure they're less capable with swords, but they're fruit users that he never fought, who knows, let's talk about it. After all, the WSM and the WSC had to fall, nothing lasts forever, eg...