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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    I predict in the remaining chapters of this arc: Ba Nan Ji will lead an army to relieve Ri Boku and slay the already injured Zenou Kan Ki and Ri Boku will not duel and only clash for a short time Fu Tei will take on Kan Ki and lose a hand if not his head (in front of Kaine) Kaine fights Rin...
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    About equal is fair, but it won't be long before Shin surpasses him. He's turning 27 soon. Hopefully Hara will give him back his growth spurt.
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    Break Week If Oda had balls

    Imaging thinking it doesn't take balls to stake your life's work every week on creative decisions you make under the constant scrutiny of 10s of millions of readers. If you experienced even a tenth of the pressure or anxiety Oda has to deal with, you wouldn't be able to crawl out of bed. These...
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    It's looking like I was wrong about Ri Boku anticipating this ambush, but I won't concede that point until we learn the whereabouts of Ba Nan Ji, Fu Tei and the Seika generals. Ri Boku hasn't been able to take a shit without these standing guard. Now, the first instance his hand is forced by...
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    Controversial Kanye West is a Nazi?

    There is a lot of overlap but they are distinctly different disorders. As I understand it, bipolar disorder primary causes erratic, major shifts in mood. Delusion and hallucinations are a part of it but they’re not as intense as Schizophrenia, which makes the fabric of reality almost ethereal...
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Current Shin beats him using alpha mode.
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    Announcement Another Loss In Our Community

    Life is short, so choose to live it every day or it'll it pass you by without looking back. The most valuable currency in our world is time, so spend it wisely. I recommend spending it on the things you love and with the people that you love. They might not be here tomorrow. You might not be...
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    Break Week If you could've kill one SH

    Brook. He needs to rest eventually. Can't imagine a sadder, lonelier, more cursed existence than immortality.
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    General & Others Why Zoro fans cant accept that Sanji Could be equal to Zoro?

    No, I had an answer. You not liking it doesn't change what my answer is or that I gave it. Even if I couldn't articulate why you were wrong, that wouldn't make you right. Do you not understand how facts work? 1670106931
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    Powers & Abilities "Haki is everything" sounds like bullshit

    Think of Devil Fruits as the sword and Haki the armour. The quality of the one is not contingent on the other, but the latter is more important to survival. In One Piece, the top tier can get by Haki alone. We have plenty of examples of those. We have none of those that have done it with just...
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    General & Others Why Zoro fans cant accept that Sanji Could be equal to Zoro?

    I concede that you don't understand what concession means.
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    General & Others Why Zoro fans cant accept that Sanji Could be equal to Zoro?

    It's not gags. They're rivals in everything. There are tradeoffs with Zoro being physically stronger and Sanji faster, but they've always been equally strong fighters.
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    General & Others Why Zoro fans cant accept that Sanji Could be equal to Zoro?

    It's mostly Western fans. They're the same moronic lot that insist Zoro is the First Mate and make ridiculous claims like Doflamingo and Katakuri > King and Queen. Oda has never veered from maintaining Zoro and Sanji as rivals. Doesn't matter what battledome dorks arguing about it online have...