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    Are you happy?

    I would say I am 38% happy in my life. My two cats, family and friends are what keep me going at times in life. There is probs things I can do better on or work on to make myself happier again but it's a process. One step at a time.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Clue (once again for the 100th time in a row) probably a comfort movie for me. Mostly.
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    Anime Discussion What is your best animated Fight you have seen so far.

    Hellsing is a classic for sure one of my faves and Hellsing Ultimate was pretty damn nice.
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    Anime Discussion What is your best animated Fight you have seen so far.

    Just to name quite a few, spoiler tagging them in case some haven't seen this you've been warned.
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    Which Mobile Game are you currently playing?

    Oof, ok I love mobile games, and especially ones with build and battle types. Or match 3 puzzle ones. I am currently on Myths of Moonrise at the moment heavily invested in it. The downside to build and battle games is the people who pay to win, paying 100's a month to be the strongest. However...
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    Describe the user above you with Music on youtube

    Based on your avatar and siggie I'll give ya this:
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    50 Favorite Films

    I was def thinking that for sure would have been the same as well if you said post your 50 list movies on anime, but I have a feeling I would be there forever if that happened. Haha, my list is a lot longer when it comes to that. It was hella hard especially with Denzel Wahington's movies I...
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    50 Favorite Films

    I will leave anime out on this list, or I would be here forever: This was harder than I thought but narrowed it down.
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    Where You From?

    North America.
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    General Chat

    *peaks in* :happinesspunch: