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    Choose between two Devil Fruits

    :kuzanshut:Kuzan's Hie Hie no Mi, because of Absolute Zero. :zehaha:Blackbeard's Yami Yami no Mi or Fujitora's Zushi Zushi no Mi?:fujilaugh:
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    Powers & Abilities King of Hell is a bigger deal than Joyboy Awakening

    King of Hell is a very ambiguous title. There's definitely something meaningful when Zoro just randomly says he'll be something.
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Dragon and Vegapunk, after witnessing the aftermath of Ohara, decided they needed a plan to stop the World Government. This plan was called Project: Joy and Sorrow. Zoro is Sorrow and Luffy is Joy, Shanks and Dragon were in charge of Project Joy and manipulated Luffy into becoming Joy Boy...
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Zoro will become Pirate King with Marco and King as his wings.
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Zoro is actually a Devil Seed. Zoro needs to be planted into the ground, with his green hair sprouting out, Then he can grow a Devil fruit of himself, to eat himself. Zoro will gain the ability to be twice as lost.
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    One Piece Chapter 1065 "The Six Faces of Vegapunk"

    Assuming Senor Pink is alive, then I think Oda finally let us know what the stars in the Seraphim's pupil mean. The stars aren't actually stars, they're just five points representing each lineage factor they were created with. The five points are the devil fruit lineage factor, the cybernetics...
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    General & Others Rank the six Vegapunk designs

    Lilith Shaka Atlas Pythagoras Edison York There is definitely something special about Lilith. Shaka's helm looks like Zero's. Atlas looks like Astro. Pythagoras and Edison are both robots, but Pythagoras has the better build in my opinion. York is 06 for a reason. I also have a feeling Lilith...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1065 Spoilers Discussion

    Zoro's real father is Roger, Whitebeard. Kaidou, Mihawk, Shanks, Ryuma, King and Kuma. Zoro's mother is Toki.
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Zoro will be the one to kill Blackbeard. Edward Weevil and Zoro are both Whitebeard's biological sons, and together they will avenge their father.
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1064 "Egghead's Research Stratum"

    Robin's outfit has "400" on it. Punk Records has "= 68". 400 - 332 = 68. Chapter 332 is yet another chapter number clue leading us back to the mole with the Japanese sun. This isn't the first time Oda has redirected us here using number clues. This time I think Oda is giving us a clue that the...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers Discussion

    What sounds cooler KaiLin or Lindou?
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    Roronoa Zoro is Gol D. Roger's true successor. However, his succession was taken over by Luffy since Zoro would've always gotten lost trying to find One Piece. Zoro's lack of direction is actually a disease, this disease is also what helped drive Zoro to want to become the strongest since he is...
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    General & Others There is 1 positive thing ZKK

    Fine, I'll speak the truth. Deep down everyone knows ZKK is going to happen. The foreshadowing clues are all still there and hasn't gone anywhere.
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    One Piece Chapter 1062: Adventure in the land of science

    I think "Lilith" being "02" is a hint toward Zoro being a clone of some kind as well. I think Zoro is actually PUNK 00 or ZERO. Zoro is basically like Mewtwo. Zoro has displayed abnormal regeneration feats, as well as a lack of direction, and recently the ability to smell alcohol from a long...