OP Powerscale:
Gold Medalists:
Roger, Whitebeard;

Top Tiers:
Akainu, Kaido;
Kizaru, Big Mom, Mihawk, Shanks, Aokiji;
Fujitora, current Blackbeard;

High-Top Bridge Tiers:
old Garp, old Sengoku, Weevil, current Luffy;
Oden, old Rayleigh, Magellan, Beckmann, current Sabo, current Kidd;
current Shilliew, Doflamingo, Hancock, current Law, current Zoro;

High Tiers:
Katakuri, Yamato, Gecko Moriah(flashback), Lucky Roo, Marco, current Sanji;
King, Kuma, Jinbei, Ace, Crocodile, Jozu;
Drake, Killer, Queen, Vista, Ivankov, Apoo;
Capone, Judge, Cracker, Smoothie, Hawkins, Sulong Inu, Sulong Neko, Morley;
Karasu, Jack, Urouge, Vergo, Perospero, Kyros;
Ashura Doji, Inu, Neko, Pica, Snack, Who's Who, Smoker;



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