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    Heian era Sukuna vs Gojo

    Gojo needs to get past Megukuna WITHOUT 10s first, before considering Heian Sukuna. Since Gojo himself doesn’t even think he can win, while Heian Sukuna is just a way better version of that.
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    Current Events Is Sukuna vs Gojo done?

    No way, if the fight ends here with Sukuna losing, we’d def get a bigger Sukuna moment before he loses. I don’t see Sukuna or Gojo losing before having a big moment, just like the new chapter.
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    Current Events Does Gojo have a Maximum Output: Red, and is Purple is Maximum technique?

    I think there’s a possibility that maximum output only applies to Lapse. Since Red is a CTR, it might not have the maximum output prefix, even if you are using like the highest output you can achieve. Gojo’s purple likely his maximum technique equivalent, since he was implying that was his only...
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    Controversial Sukuna Is Holding Back Against Gojo To Hide His Abilities From The Students

    Sukuna packing Gojo while holding back, and he still has another finger to gain, EoS Sukuna and Gojo prob won’t be considered the same lvl man. Like from narrative perspective, obviously Gege not revealing Sukuna hidden CT up to this point for a reason, he’s saving them for a later fight, which...
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    Versus Battle Yujikuna vs Gojo

    Culling game players vessels were modified by Kenjaku, giving them relative physical capabilities as their prime version. Yujikuna and Heian Sukuna aren’t the same, Heian Sukuna is likely 2 individuals cooperating in one body or something, we don’t know until we see Heian Sukuna in action...
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    Current Events Latest chapters have showed us that Gojo's dream about his students is just a pipedream

    EoS Yuji and Megumi should be close to Gojo lvl at least, possibly Yuta as well. Not sure if any of them is reaching EoS final Sukuna lvl though.
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    Versus Battle Yujikuna vs Gojo

    This is correct. Kenjaku modified the reincarnated culling game players vessel, not the same case for Megumi as Sukuna vessel. And the Toji case shows that there’s a clear difference between soul and body, having the soul doesn’t mean having the same physical body. Yujikuna will be stronger...
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Caribou Fanclub

    Who’s this!?? 👀👀
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    Interesting. Personally I think Kizaru is not any weaker than Aokiji, but the New Admirals are a...

    Interesting. Personally I think Kizaru is not any weaker than Aokiji, but the New Admirals are a bit weaker. What are your thoughts on warlords?
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    The baiting Room

    I never said he’s not exhausted, but not exhausted enough to disregard his reaction and battle reflexes completely? Madara can make the shield fast, Gai can attack fast, these are all well established, but what you failed to see is the effect of Gai’s first punch is what made Gai able to land...
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    The baiting Room

    But Kakashi could use Kamui right? Then he’s not that exhausted. Even a more exhausted Kakashi reacted to Pain’s nail and missile, so regardless, this feat is relevant. Madara doesn’t make the shield instantly, he just makes it fast, fast enough to match Gai’s attack, neither happens instantly...
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    The baiting Room

    So if you know how Kamui works, how would Kamui takes high level concentration and reaction be hypothetical? Gudo Dama constructs aren’t formed instantly… And both of Madara’s hands are occupied: one holding the shield, one holding his staff. Just tell me, does Madara react to Night Gai or nah?
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    The baiting Room

    Then Kakashi being exhausted would have an affect on his reaction time, is also hypothetical isn’t it? Kakashi talking about a completely different sequence there, than the one Kakuzu crossed him up. Madara’s barrier construct isn’t formed instantly, neither is Gai’s attack. Madara reacts to...
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    The baiting Room

    Kakashi has over 1000 jutsu in his arsenal, what makes you say Kamui is the only option here though? Plus if he can still Kamui, then he’s not that exhausted, Kamui requires very high level concentration and reaction time. Kakashi is obviously inferior to Madara there, reaction wise, but Kakuzu...
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    The baiting Room

    What makes you say Kakashi has no immediate answer? Kakashi was just answering Kakuzu’s jutsu wasn’t he? Kakashi is faster than Kakuzu, Madara is slower than Gai, yet Kakashi got crossed up, so what makes you say speed was the only factor that Madara got crossed up here? Madara reacts to Gai on...