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    Versus Battle Dabi vs Endeavour

    Even though Dabi has the stronger flames Endeavor has the speed to outmaneuver him until he burns himself out or deliver a kill shot.
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    Questions & Mysteries What will be Bakugo Hero's name ?

    Im up to date with the manga and I have no clue. Sounds cool though.
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    Manga Discussion DOG ****

    This needs an anime.
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    Endeavor vs Meruem

    The king curb stomps.
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    Versus Battle Hidan (Naruto) vs King Bradley (FMA)

    Hiden only loses with equal speed.
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    General & Others Your Favourite Wanted Poster

    God Usopp is my current favorite.
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    Popularity Contest Banner Contest - Come & Vote!

    Really like #1 but #4 fits better.
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thread

    Anybody remember the TMNT/Power Rangers crossover?
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    Versus Battle Madara vs Three Admirals (OG)

    He can trap them all with Shadow Clones. :zehaha:
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    Versus Battle Mumen Rider vs Usopp

    Mumen is just a regular dude on a bike. Usopp takes this.