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    Controversial Teach is 1000x better final villain than Imu

    Blackbeard is a coward and has more plot convenience than any other character. Imu at least represent the corrupt system that rules the One Piece world.
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    One Piece Chapter 1112: " Hard Aspect"

    My aspect is hard.
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    Current Events EOS Koby > EOS Sanji anyone want to bet?

    I hope Koby is killed at the end of the story.
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    Current Events Scanlation being uprooted

    Zolo is not that big of a deal. The official translation is usually better and more accurate.
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    Controversial Momonosuke Kozuki and his samurai are all losers

    There have been strong kids depicted in the story.
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    Current Events The TCB scans twitter just got deleted

    I'm surprised it lasted so long. The official translation tends to be better anyway.
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    Chapter Discussion Oda does not care about the Strawhat crew

    Oda wants to finish his story. There's no time to give everyone the spotlight.
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    General & Others With last chapter, can we say Blackbeard is final villain ?

    Of course it's very likely he's the final villain, but he shouldn't be because he sucks.
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    Chapter Discussion Don't you think it's pathetic that an emperor's crew needs rescuing?

    No, it's a massive buster call, and from the looks of it, they might not even needed the help to escape.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers Discussion

    Yes, because Kuma referred to Dragon as master.