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    Character Discussion Rank the Gorosei Zoan forms

    as zoro fans i'd say 1.Mars , because bird zoan (pell, king, marco) has advantage over any other zoan 2. nasujuro, centaur design is bad ass, and his base form remind me of darksiders game the rest is mediocre
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    Theory The Gorosei are both Liches and Ultra-Gifters

    That would explained the hidden giant hydro chamber in mary geois, imu stored their body in there... maybe usopp/chopper/franky will destroy the room
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    Theory Stussy's Final Task

    Stussy will be the catalyst for lucci and kaku to join shp alliance in the future He will save kaku and lucci from buster call
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    Controversial Momonosuke Kozuki and his samurai are all losers

    Denjiro > every east blue saga main boss Samurai look like a fodder because kaido is too strong, i mean he is the most powerful creature ffs
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    Break Week If Disney bought the rights to One Piece the way they did Star Wars what would they change?

    Nami and robin will be yonko commander Zoro, sanji, and luffy will be side character All villain will be men All women will be ugly af The conflict between wg and d clan in void century is about gender equality
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    General & Others Why didn’t Kuma try to find Law?

    because of dragon.... kuma knows dragon have connection with vegapunk which at that time known as brilliant scientist and hes not affiliate with pirates kuma will not ask some random guy like, judge, law or queen to cure his beloved daughter
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    Theory Luffy's Mother is...

    When kuma sent luffy to amazon lily, ace already captured by BB Kuma knows they are brothers (maybe from marine/dragon) so he sent him to the nearest island from impel down to rescue ace which is amazon lily.... Also i believe baltigo is hidden from goverment / map because vegapunk and kuma...
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    Controversial Bottom 5 Arcs

    Wci Fishman island Foxy arc Dressrosa Sabondy arc
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    Character Discussion Yamato has too much going for her to not be a SH

    Jinbei should stay in wano and yamato join shp, Jinbei is too slow, his fighting moves are boring af.....
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    Current Events Is Honesty Impact the worst attack name in One Piece?

    Thats why sub > dub... Every anime sounds stupid in english
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    General & Others Which Form has the Worst Writing?

    Change ssj3 to ss blue or red... somehow everyone is stronger than goku, lame af