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    Future Events Enma will free Kaido from his *immortality* (Another ZKK evidence)

    I mean he was famous bounty hunter. Oda doesn't show death on screen, but I think it's a safe assumption that Zoro has killed lots of people. Also Oda doesn't want completely tear down a villain he has built up so much. Killing Kaido prevents him from achieving the glorious death he has spent...
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    Speculations Zoro's Second Confrontation With Kaido?

    I agree that the last chapter had an anti-climatic ending for Zoro's character. If Zoro scarring Kaido was going to be the climax of his character arc in Wano, why have it be overshadowed by Luffy unlocking advanced CoC immediately afterwards? Given where we are right now, it feels far too early...
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    Current Events Shanks fans should give up

    I can see why having BB defeat Shanks makes sense. It would set up the final confrontation between BB and Luffy. It is hard to see Shanks acting as a classical villain, but it would also be weird if Shanks did not stand in the way of Luffy becoming the PK. However, it seems like Luffy and...
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    Character Discussion Zoro is already WSS

    This is silly. If Zoro ~ Mihawk and Mihawk ~ Shanks, then did Zoro come out of TS Yonko-level?
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    Speculations Zoro is not gettin a big bounty after this arc

    This explains why he's not done yet. He's clearly getting a big bounty increase, and the marines can't justify even 800m on the basis of anything that has happened so far.
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    The attack wasn't at the same level though, the most recent attack was definitely stronger. If a boxer could KO me with his jab, then I spend two weeks(?) improving my punching power, it wouldn't be that convincing if am then hit by his uppercut and get up after a three second count. Even more...
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    Current Events Establishing why Luffy will end up beating Kaido in a 1 on 1

    In a arc that is already so long, it seems unlikely that the author would elect to setup 1v1 match ups for a dozen characters and then rearrange them. At this point there is so much going on, with so many different characters, having a complete reset of the raid would require stretching the arc...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    It's funny Luffy's and Zoro's opponents never unlock new levels of Haki mid-fight.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    Wouldn't have expected Zoro's stock to be falling in a chapter where he shows CoC, uses Ashura, and gives Kaido a new scar. I think it's clear Zoro vs. Sanji has shifted to Zoro vs. Luffy.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    While Kaido's taken a lot of attacks from a lot of different characters the only attack that seemed to have any real effect was Asura, and it's not clear to what extent. If the 1v1 begins here, I don't think it's obvious that Luffy is going into the fight with a higher health bar than Kaido...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    ZKK STILL HAPPENING! Zoro isn't out yet. 1. He still has to make Enma black (this clearly has to happen in Wano) 2. He has to do something to justify a massive bounty increase (the rooftop is not being streamed to Marine HQ) 3. There are a lot of chapters left, presumably one of which will...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    The haki power ups are getting boring. Is future sight going to have any relevance outside of one fight where it was used to bridge what had been portrayed as a massive power gap? I doubt it since it can't be animated and it is unlikely to be a factor in a fight where both sides posses it. Is...