You got your question answered a lot of times during this thread from a lot of perspectives there is nothing there to be add.

Stop crying about everything man. I told you like 2 times. There are shit ton of people here who would entertain you.

It's your fault that you only care about toxic debates.

Debates are part of the community. Toxic or not they will happen.
"Guess that says everything about this place". Bro maybe you should chill ok? Mods have plenty of job to do here. Your thread was closed right in time.

You got your question answered a lot of times. Further conversations in your thread may lead to more toxicity because of some of the users ideals clash.

Spoilers Discussion thread is the place where people go ham. Have fun and etc.
Fallen Prince
You should put people on ignore list if they are creating toxic environment. At best mods will ban them for few days and they will be back on track as usual.

I think admin team here is trying their best its upto users if they want to stay here.
@Seth I didn’t really ask questions to be answered. And no need to be that aggressive towards me for speaking out (stop crying about everything, man, you should chill). And it definitely isn’t my fault. I look into a thread, and every second post discourages me to proceed. That isn’t fun/enjoyment, it’s simply toxic. And I don’t understand that you all do everything to defend this toxicity.
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