1. Fujishiro

    [FNZ] Super Role Madness Pokemon Black and White: Return to Madness

    Game Type: Super Role Madness Players Needed: 31 Game Starts: 17th of July 2PM EST Host: Fujishiro Players List: ( 11/31) 1- @Flower ???/ Lynched Day 1 2- @Naomi Replaced by @Rej 3- @Pot Goblin 4- @Joygirl Trainer Joygirl Killed Night 3 5- @Orwellian Trainer Orwellian/ Killed Night 1 6-...
  2. Warchief Sanji D Goat

    Fanclub Hibari Fanclub!

    Welcome to the Fanclub of Akainu's daughter (presumably), Hibari of SWORD! Here you can discuss anything about her. Her role, her design, her future fight, her origin, etc. Members: Club Leader - @Warchief Sanji D Goat