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  1. Rej

    [FNZ] Super Role Madness Weebs: The Rising of the Weeb Hero
    Threadmarks: Opening Posts

    Host - @Rej & @Ratchet Players - 32 Start date - Hopefully next week You open your eyes...this world is foreign to the Weebs. A new part of history awaits you... On the other side...history repeats itself. What happened? Players - [9/32] @Mashiro Blue [Joe Biden][Superkilled N3] @Random...
  2. Bogard

    Anime & Manga The NSFW Req Room

    This thread is for those who wish to discuss/anticipate/complain/whine/meme all about the upcoming chapter spoilers before the spoilers drop. Once the spoilers drop, you may join the serious and constructive discussion on the dedicated spoiler thread. Since this is in Ground Floor, and posts...