1. Zoro D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe is actually blue flame?

    “My legs should be able to stand flames much hotter than before!” Is my Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe being blue flame theory is getting truer and truer day by day?:finally:
  2. Zoro D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Sanji's Third and Final Stage of Jambe: Diable Jambe, Ifrit Jambe and Surtr Jambe!!!❤️‍🔥

    Let me copy and paste my post here real quick since I'm too lazy to type the whole thing out. We all know that Oda sure loves mythology. So since we're going by mythology route, Sanji should have the third and final stage of Jambe which is Surtr Jambe. In Norse mythology, Surtr is a fire demon...
  3. Cinera

    General & Others How Does Sanji Surpass Yamato?

    It seems as if Oda very much intends for Sanji to remain the #3 of the crew. Robin called him the wings of the Pirate King. The chapter when he returned to action alongside Zoro was titled "The Stars Take the Stage". So from a narrative perspective, I would expect Sanji to remain as the #3 of...
  4. Adam 🍎

    Speculations Sanji, the one Marines will fear the most

    I remembered this iconic line and it made me wonder what could it mean. Considering Sanji's history and new PU what do you guys reckon this means for Sanji?
  5. Zoro D Goat

    General & Others Remember when people were saying Monster Trio is not real or Sanji got kicked out of M3?

    Yeah remember that? Good time. Not only Monster Trio is canon, the portrayal of it is immensely shown throughout the series. First it was confirmed by Nami in Thriller Bark. And second was Caribou in Fishman Island. Now, Oda likes to put Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in the same panel A LOT...
  6. Zoro D Goat

    General & Others Remember when people were saying Sanji couldn't hurt Queen?

    Yeah remember that? Good time. Nerfed Base Sanji makes Hybrid Queen bleeds. Something that Big Mom and Marco could do. But unlike them, Queen did not use his hybrid form. Meanwhile against Sanji, Queen goes to his hybrid from after two DJ attacks. And what's more interesting is that...
  7. Adam 🍎

    Fanclub Wings of the Pirate King Fan Club

    Ladies, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the official Fan Club of the Wings of The Pirate King The only 2 individuals in the story worthy of such title!!! Grandmaster Zoro and Devil's Chef Sanji This is the place where parts of both fandoms can come together and enjoy one of the best duos...
  8. Zoro D Goat

    Powers & Abilities It's seems like Sanji have Conqueror's Haki before the timeskip but we forgot about it because......

    Because it's Sanji.:pepecafe: Sanji's "Conqueror's Haki" doesn't look normal because Haki wasn't much of a concept back then. That's why it looks different than currently. And Absalom, got different shading and keep staring at Sanji for some reason without reacting.......:bamathink: I'm...
  9. Zoro D Goat

    General & Others Would you guys drop One Piece if Sanji have/uses Conqueror's Haki?

    Pretty simple thread. This is NOT whether Sanji will have CoC or not thread. This is whether if Sanji have or uses CoC, would you guys drop the series? For me, I won't drop it since I knew Sanji will have/uses it at some point. Let's say in Wano for example. It has to be a clear confirmation of...
  10. Zoro D Goat

    Versus Battle Vinsmoke Sanji (One Piece) vs Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)

    Sanji Vs Shinra Two speed devils using fire kicks goes against each others. Which one is a superior devil's footprints? Synopsis: Both Sanji and Shinra are going shopping, Shinra was eating ice cream and accidentally drop it on Sanji's shoes. Sanji got mad and they fight to the death...
  11. Cinera

    Character Discussion Why do People Compare Yamato to Jimbe or Franky?

    The Sanctity of the Monster Trio Several people have told me that Yamato is going to fall well behind the Monster Trio, and point to Jimbe and Franky as examples of shiny new additions that did not disturb the balance of the crew. In both cases, Jimbe and Franky looked like formidable...
  12. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Sanji vs Beckman might be a western cowboys gun fight.

    Another Sanji thread from me........ Now now, I know some of y'all would be like, "But but Sanji doesn't use his hands, Sanji wouldn't give up his pride, etc." Yes, but when it comes to certain condition, Sanji will do whatever it takes to showcase his abilities. His enemy Wanze is using...
  13. Cinera

    Current Events Why do People Expect Sanji to Solo a Calamity?

    Let alone two? Are the Sanji vs King and Queen people serious? Is this some elaborate shitpost I'm missing out on? Is this coping because Sanji hasn't defeated a significant combatant solo in the New World? I'm pretty flabbergasted. Luffy defeating Linlin in WCI seemed to have more going for...
  14. E

    General & Others What if Sanji was in the roof top instead of Zoro?

    imo everyone would be dead by now, sanji wouldn't have been able to protect luffy and the other supernovas like zoro did, also he can't hurt big mom
  15. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Sanji's chapter title predictions!!!

    Since the theory of Sabaody Strawhat's reverse arrival trend got debunked in chapter 1009 where we switched back to the rooftop instead of a Nami chapter that we're supposed to get, we can safely assume that we can get a Sanji's chapter somewhere between 1010 - 1016 along those lines. With that...
  16. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Will Sanji saves Marco and fight King and Queen?

    As you guys heard of my Sanji vs King and Queen thread before. This will be the reinforced thread of it.:pepelit: Marco to Queen: Perospero wants to show that Big Mom Pirates reign supreme. And how...
  17. Zoro D Goat

    Character Discussion Sanji's character development analysis in Chapter 1,005!

    Hello WG, welcome to another Sanji topic of mine. Hope you guys have a great day and enjoy.:sweat::sweat: A lot of people wanted Sanji this chapter to do the generic "I would rather die than talk" cool guy line. But that's Pre-Timeskip Sanji Sanji didn't wanna die a senseless death just...
  18. sanjikun

    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's dad > Zoro's dad

    I've seen people give flack to the Germa king Vinsmoke "Top 5" Judge, but who is Zoro's daddy? NOBODY. If we rank them by their dad's strength (1) Luffy (2) Sanji (3) Zoro The true monster trio ranking :steef: Imagine if Yamato joins though :jordamas:
  19. G

    Versus Battle Sanji Vs Soma

    Who Wins? The Straw Hat Cook Sanji or The unique tasty good Chef Yukihara I got Suma High Diff, he does cooking for a living
  20. Buusatan94

    Character Discussion Character discussion: Sanji

    And here's the last character discussion thread on the original Straw Hat Pirates. Here's you can talk about the cook and most notorious pervert in One Piece history memorable for his love of cuisine, and his even greater one of beautiful women, his courteous attitude mixed with strong lecherous...