1. Sanji D Goat

    Sanji vs Everybody!

    Mattaku, never actually thought this day would come. Anyway, it’s ya boi Goat again. Now, this wouldn’t be one of those standard threads where I talk about Sanji’s character or anything like that. No no, it ain’t like that. This thread is more about how I will organized Sanji threads from now...
  2. Sanji D Goat

    Character Discussion Favorite Sanji’s leadership moments?

    Top 10 moments if you could please and thank you. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. What about yours?
  3. Sanji D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Sanji will showcase the new type of Advanced Observation Haki?

    A few folks suggest me to create a thread about Sanji’s potential haki upgrade. So today I will talk about CoO and why Sanji will get his own unique type of CoO that no other characters can get. Let’s get started. So as y’all might already know, 90% of folks wants Sanji to have Future Sight...
  4. Sanji D Goat

    General & Others Favorite Sanji’s Bond girls?

    So in case anybody doesn’t know what a bond girls is, basically, they are character(s) who is a love interest or female companion of James Bond in a novel, film or video game. They can be heroines or antagonists or simply neutral party. Since Sanji does resemble 007 for the majority, it’s...
  5. Sanji D Goat

    Future Events Nami, Pudding or Viola? Which gal will end up with Sanji?

    Nami: Pudding: Viola: Which hot girl have the highest chance to end up with Sanji? Now before Nami blows the poll away, let me remind you to think carefully about the relationships between each of them. Does it make sense? Does the chemistry works well? Does it collide with any major...
  6. Rej

    Theory Uta is an Idol!

    What is known about the character: "An almighty voice. With fiery red locks. " Oda revealed that the idea is to have a younger female character as contrast to all the previous old geezer villains. She is confirmed a villain, something I missed out earlier. From Sanji's sheet we can assume her...
  7. Sanji D Goat

    Powers & Abilities One interesting detail that no one notices about Sanji’s Diable/Ifrit Jambe!!!

    Another Sanji thread from me. Now, this wouldn’t be a long one so at least bear with me here. I hope I’m not the only one who notices this but if I am then I’ll gladly take the honor for it. So as you might already know, Sanji’s DJ has this fire trail/marks that appears on Sanji’s legs...
  8. Sanji D Goat

    Chapter Discussion Remember when people say Sanji fainted?

    Yeah remember that? And what's worse, Sanji is the only SH that can sense Luffy's presence.
  9. Sanji D Goat

    Future Events One Piece Chapter 1,042 might be a Sanji's chapter because his birthday is coming up......

    Sanji's birthday is March 2nd. And Chap 1042 spoilers should drop around that time....... You know what that means.
  10. Sanji D Goat

    Chapter Discussion Noticed how Sanji was the only Strawhat that didn’t get shown in Chapter 1,041?

    So as we know that every Strawhats except Sanji appeared in recent chapters, Chopper, Brook, Robin, Jinbei, Franky, Nami, Usopp, Zoro, Luffy are all presented on screen. But what about Sanji? Usually when Sanji is MIA for a while, it means that Sanji is up to something behind the scene since...
  11. Sanji D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Remember when people say Sanji doesn’t have/can’t use CoA?

    Yeah remember that? It’s all started with this. You know how there’s always that one dude that didn’t see Sanji included in the text box because he have some sort of diabetic retinopathy or something like that? Yeah then people started to jump on conclusion and thinking that Sanji might not...
  12. Sanji D Goat

    Future Events Sanji's Justice Gate 2.0 moment incoming!!!

    So as we know that Sanji is one of the most clutch Strawhat out there, him saving the day is inevitable. The most recent examples would be Sanji saving Momo from King and saving Chopper from Queen. And let me tell you that Sanji always looks sexy as hell when pulling those stunts like that...
  13. Sanji D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Did Sanji uses Internal Destruction CoA against Queen?

    Did he? It was the same scenery when Luffy was training his Advanced CoA……. What do you guys think?:bamathink:
  14. Sanji D Goat

    Character Discussion Favorite Sanji’s quotes?

    Mine would be: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. What’s yours list?
  15. S

    Theory Loved Queen? He s coming back in Vegapunk arc

    While all beast pirates will get captured by marines, queen is the only one that will get away because he can turn invisible and sanji also kicked him away from onigashima The MADS, vegapunk, judge, queen, ceasar clown will reunite in vegapunk arc
  16. S

    Theory The king of North Blue, Sanji's destiny

    Vinsmoke took over north blue by taking down the 4 kings that ruled north blue. But the 4 kings had sons. Kizaru, Ben Beckman, avalo pizzaro are the Sons the kings. Sanji will Have to beat all of them.
  17. Sanji D Goat

    Future Events Sanji will fight both Kizaru and Greenbull?!

    So as you guys heard of my legendary Sanji vs King and Queen threads: And like always, it did came...
  18. Sanji D Goat

    Character Discussion Sanji’s character development in chapter 1031!

    I know it’s late but it’s better late than never. Thanks this post for giving me idea. He uses the raid suit against his pride, saving the Flower Capital citizens, and...
  19. Sanji D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe is actually blue flame?

    “My legs should be able to stand flames much hotter than before!” Is my Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe being blue flame theory is getting truer and truer day by day?:finally:
  20. Sanji D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Sanji's Third and Final Stage of Jambe: Diable Jambe, Ifrit Jambe and Surtr Jambe!!!❤️‍🔥

    Let me copy and paste my post here real quick since I'm too lazy to type the whole thing out. We all know that Oda sure loves mythology. So since we're going by mythology route, Sanji should have the third and final stage of Jambe which is Surtr Jambe. In Norse mythology, Surtr is a fire demon...