Spoiler A message to Gaw

It was already sad enough... Your Idol Gojo losing, dying in fact :shame:
I said this mf not even in his prime and Gojo is having the time of his life, whilst you were mid way asking me who is impressing me more, and you went "huh" as in "wtf is this dude talking about? is he dumb?" :odenugh:

:pepeanger:"This is 20f level 10, peak sukuna, top 3 ct added to his shit" I tried to tell u this is not his prime :feelsokeman:
:pepeke:"Bro it's not about the form" You said.

:pepeanger:"Wtf, Kiri is out of his element rn" You said :pepelit:but just like I said, in that image, you're crying now, Oh you might not be literally crying, but you're crying on the inside ":pepecry:"
And to make matters worse, that's not even all of it
:queenhear:Where is this engine kid now? nowhere to be seen, he prolly looking at the panels like this ":sanmoji:" not processing what is going on

:pepehawk:"Gojo is just temporary, Sukuna is forever" I came, and I cooked
:kailaugh:And the worst part is I don't even read this series like that
:kuzanshut:Never question greatness again

:mrgo:"He just got lucky.. it's just coincidence he came in chat one day, and had this manga all figured out, calling sukuna mihawk and gojo shanks, not only predicted the winner of the fight, but that Sukuna was intentionally holding back his true form"
:pepestop:Nah bro, I just understand narrative, this shit is obvious to me. You really thought I was out my element, you thought you, who reads this shit weekly for years, would understand better, know better. But once you've read one shounen, you've read them all.
:queenmeme:I was gonna say pack those bags, but you don't have it nearly as bad as this dude called Izzy, who said Sukuna had to surpass his limits to beat gojo "You cleared my skies" , who tried to use outdated gege statements to say gojo was stronger at the start of the fight, the cope was maximum, that dudes soul got destroyed when he admitted mihawk > shanks, and now this after running to jjk, that dude is the real victim in this.:akasalt: