Character Discussion Apply the Rules & Laws of ONE PIECE Universe into Non-ONE PIECE Characters

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The purpose of this topic is to understand how far strong Non-ONE PIECE characters can be if you apply ONE PIECE universe on them.

- How much Doriki a character could have?
- How much high a character's level of Haki could be?

I can easily and randomly name one or two overpowered character(s) outside ONE PIECE manga. Not necessarily to be from a manga. Could be from a video game too. How many versus threads have you seen in forums that you think the two opponents aren't close matched in power? Like for example: Kurosaki Ichigo vs Naruto. I'm not sure about ScrewAttack's explanation on Naruto's winning. Hell, even Ichigo didn't need to use his "Final Getsuga Tensho" against someone like Naruto in his prime, but this is another topic for another day.

So back at the subject, let's pick someone for example: Akuma (Street Fighter) (you can also name many other powerful characters). If you apply the universe of ONE PIECE on Akuma, I think his Haki would be as high as Shanks. I think Akuma would easily have access to Ryo (or if it's called Advanced Armament) too. I believe if Akuma fought Kaido one-on-one, the two would end up in draw.

So what other powerful characters you could think of?
Who he/she would match in power with other ONE PIECE characters?