Will Cross_Marian become a hint provider someday?

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So you develop CoC in before marineford but learn to coat it now by being hit with it is asspull but getting AdvCoc after getting Enma is not? Lol, you lost all the relevance. Zoro getting Enma and CoC is the biggest asspull ever. Learning you cancoat CoC after being hit by it multiple times ain't asspull lad. You have lost all relevance here. Luffy has been fighting and fighting for the last 2 years and he getting awakening after nearly dying is an asspull? Lol, you are a joke pal.
ACoC as an ability is not even remotely similar to basic CoC. Where has it ever been indicated that your experience with using basic CoC has any effect on your ability to use the advanced version?

And Enma is just a damn sword. Getting Enma by itself is not an asspull. You can say Enma being a catalyst for Zoro unlocking ACoC is an asspull, sure, but I don't really get how that is much different from Luffy randomly learning to use ACoC and awakening just from being hit really hard lmao

Gol D. Roger

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Really? :suresure:

Zolo's development: "swords".
Do you have anything of substance to say or are you just mocking the character for the sake of it? Zoro joined Luffy reluctantly, and he has a conflicting personality that doesn't allow him to be a follower. He was someone who put his goal over any and everything before joining the crew. He is someone who'd never put aside his values and preferred losing his life over compromising them.

All of that changed over time. He became a loyal follower who takes orders without talking back. He set aside his values for the sake of his crew and bowed down to his enemy to get stronger so he can better protect his crew. He now puts Luffy's goal over his own. He totally doesn't mind throwing his life and goal away for not just Luffy but any given crew member. The other SHs went through some changes over time but none of them changed as drastically as Zoro.
Describe their developments and compare them to Zoro who went from "I'd kill you if you get in the way of me achieving my goal" to "my goal is meaningless if I can't protect my captain and his dream."
Zoros goal shifting in that direction never made any sense. He need to achieve his goal first to protect luffys, because luffys is supposed to be much harder. That kind of writing makes Zoros dream seem like its harder to achieve.