Will Blackbeard’s bitch lose next chapter??

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  • Yeah just like Deadass Ginger

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  • He won't appear

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  • Don't care

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I am currently reading the second and third manga series in my life after Shit Piece: HunterXHunter and Versus.
I am currently in the part of Heavens Arena where Gon and Killua first learn to use Nen.
I decided to give it a go when read people here in the forum saying that Togashi does a better job in handle a large cast than Lolda,and the story seems really worth it.
Gon is a pleasant protagonist. He is smart and can drive the plot,and he feels fear when necessary like any normal person. Totally the opposite of Condom-Boy.
It's very pleasant that the common skill set of this universe is aura manipulation. It is a very underused power in fiction. The Pokemon anime have this concept,but will never use it properly.
Togashi rightfully explained everything about Nen since the beginning,unlike Lolda with Haki.
I read the first chapter of Versus out of curiosity,and it caught my interest because it avoid that horrible mistake of make villains exist just for be living benchmarks for the heroes. I also read the chapters 2 and 3,and decided to follow it frow now on.
The next in my agenda is Sakamoto Days. Again,i've already started reading it. I stoped in chapter 25. I'll leave it to continue after finish HunterXHunter.
Now i understand how important it is to know the world of comics beyond Shit Piece.
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