Powers & Abilities Design your own SMILE power

The artificial Zoan SMILE has provided an innovative twist on animal abilities. It seems like the users can harness specific body parts of an animal, rearranged and attached or as a replacement onto any part of their normal body. The body parts don't even have to be proportional as Daifugo's scorpion can give him additional human-sized legs. Strangest of all is that the animals can be a living separate entity, as if two souls are trapped in one body. Caesar's SMILE is a true Frankenstein horror show for those who gain its benefits or merely its side effects.

Some of them provide quite a bit of power, like Sheephorn's regular human hands turn into strong giant horns to deliver bigger attacks with less recoil.

Others are useful in terms of utility, like Bat-man gets super bat hearing and can fly thanks to wings in his butt.

And some of them are downright abominations, as Dobon is trapped inside the wet stinky mouth of a hippo and is entirely reliant on how that thing behaves.

Do you have ideas for SMILE powers? Useful abilities? Cool-looking abilities? Maybe your own bizarre freak show to outdo Dobon? Post them here.
As for what restrictions apply, let's keep it to the usual Zoan "no animals that can't survive outside of water".

The Spider SMILE grants the user eight powerful giant tarantula legs all coming out of your head. The legs are longer than your body length so you theorhetically don't have to walk like a human anymore. You can spider jump and climb vertical surfaces. The legs are strong, durable and fast providing you a great deal of offense and defense. Furthermore, your hair becomes stinging quil-like tarantula hair your legs can shave off your head and aim at your enemies. But it won't grow back at tarantula-like speeds. A word of caution - this DF causes severe strain on your neck so only strong neck users are advised.

The Kangaroo SMILE gives the user the powerful body of a 'roo attached to your lower spine and ass. From your back the user can launch the powerful double kick of a Kangaroo, balance on its strong tail with all four legs in the air, kick the ground for long and high jumps, or even shoot dirty chemical warfare from a tactically aimed rear hole. User may start to feel a strange reproductive attraction for the marsupials.

The Alligator SMILE grants its consumer a simple to ability to transform one forearm into a gator mouth, the other into a gator tail. The tail can be used like a powerful scaly whip or appendage to punish enemies or grab them in unconventional manners. The mouth portion delivers a destructive bite force that will instantly snap bones or at least trap the enemy in your jaws. User's stomach and back also become dry scaly gator skin.

The Rhino SMILE's power can best be described as "a friend who will never turn their back on you". Users gain the amazing power of a charging Rhinosaurus. The front half of a Rhino emerges from the user's torso, the Rhino and the user moving in conjunction are then able to charge and deliver a puncturing horn attack at a foe. The Rhino's tougher body also serves a useful meat shield to soak up damage and distract enemies. As a cohabitant, the Rhino's personality can be described as a sleepy, grumpy and picky eater. As the bond between user and Rhino are paramount, extensive animal training courses are recommended.

The Owl SMILE's ability is like a bird brain growing on the back of your head. The user gains an owl head, owl neck, and owl wings on their back. However, the owl wings are owl-sized and reversed therefore completely unusuable. The user can turn their head 360 degrees if desired, but as the bird brain is integrated into the human brain, any information obtained by the owl's sharp senses is automatically transmitted. The human brain remains undamaged and only a third hemisphere belonging to the owl is added to the skull. While overall IQ remains unchanged, users may begin to display what can only be called "bird-brained behavior".
Two giant gorilla arms. I'm talking big enough that you would literally be a knuckle dragger if you aren't like ten feet tall. :milaugh:

Would be hilarious, yet also quite useful.